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Altar Magazine's Bi-Annual Fundraising Extravaganza!

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  • sassyriot
    Spring is coming and we re ready for something new! Altar Magazine is about to release its third issue this spring featuring interviews with JEREMY DEVINE,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 20, 2004
      Spring is coming and we're ready for something new!

      Altar Magazine is about to release its third issue this spring
      featuring interviews with JEREMY DEVINE, founder of Temporary
      Residence; Berkeley radical 1960's activist and feminist scholar, JO
      FREEMAN; TOM GILROY, author of The Haiku Year; and SUHEIR HAMMAD, Def
      Poetry Jam performer and author of Born Palestinian, Born Black. This
      articles in this issue include Diary of a Hoe by Jennifer "j-Love"
      Calderon, The Rise of the His and Hers Subway by Thom Bailey,
      Partisan Protests: Questions to Ponder by Mickey Z., O Captain, My
      Captain: Edward Said, The Best Teacher I Never Met by Scott Boehm,
      and Uneasy Alliance: Black Women's Affinity Across Carribean and
      African American Culture Lines by B. Lois Wadas. Writers and artists
      living all over the world contribute to the content of Altar Magazine.

      Because this is a grassroots publication, we do all of the
      fundraising for printing costs in a grassroots style. That way our
      content won't be dictated by our advertisers! We are holding a film
      screening of Scenes From an Endless War and White Balance (to think
      is to forget differences) at 7pm on April 15th at Bluestockings (172
      Allen Street) so be sure to tell all of your NYC peeps about it.
      These films address issues of militarism, globalization, and the "war
      against terrorism" as well as describe the issues at stake in the
      failure to understand the layers that are hidden in the question of
      whiteness. $5 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away.

      For those of you who don't live in the NYC area and would like to
      send a donation, here are your options:
      1- Send cash, check or money order made out to "Mandy Van Deven" to:
      Altar Magazine
      955 Metropolitan Avenue
      Suite 4R
      Brooklyn NY 11211
      2- Use a Credit Card by going to www.paypal.com and sending the
      donation to info@....

      Everyone who donates $5 or more will get a copy of Altar Magazine #3.
      If you donate $25 or more, you will also get an Altar Magazine t-
      shirt. A donation of $100 or more (individually or as a group effort)
      will buy a 1/4 page advertisement and web banner for the non-
      organization of your choice that will be seen by over 6,000 Altar
      Magazine readers.

      We ask that all donations be sent by April 15th. Please email me with
      any questions or for more information. We appreciate your support of
      this independent media project. We could not exist without it!

      Mandy Van Deven
      Altar Magazine
      955 Metropolitan Avenue
      Suite 4R
      Brooklyn NY 11211

      V I S I T O U R N E W A N D I M P R O V E D W E B S I T E !
      W W W . A L T A R M A G A Z I N E . C O M
      Find out what's new with Altar Magazine!
      Read Articles, Interviews and Reviews that Don't Appear in the
      Magazine! Buy a copy of Altar Magazine or a special Altar Magazine t-
      Give feedback on the website and the magazine!
      Become part of the Altar Magazine Volunteer Staff!

      M I S S I O N S T A T E M E N T
      Altar Magazine believes that problems are not monolithic, and neither
      are solutions. It is imperative to have socially progressive women
      and men fighting on all fronts of the movement whether that is anti-
      racist work, feminism, anti-heterosexism, economic justice or any
      other political action. Altar Magazine exists within a community that
      is fragmented, but not broken. It exists in a time when coalition is
      crucial and must be implemented. We believe that the personal is
      political; therefore, all forms of creativity are inherently
      political. We want to create a space where critical thought and
      understanding happen simultaneously. This is important because before
      we can create social change we must be able to re-imagine communities
      that foster difference. We must be able to take ownership of that
      which we do not claim in order to effectively critique this
      oppressive system that we know and perpetuate. Social change is not
      momentous. It is a process. Our hope is that each individual
      recognizes his or her place within this system of change.

      B A C K I S S U E S
      You can still get a copy of Issue Two...
      Altar Magazine, a forum for critical thought, coalition building,
      artistic creativity, and activism, is kicking off its second issue.
      With more pages and better print quality, this issue will feature
      articles such as Myopia by Inga Muscio, Hajira: Part Two by Fawzia
      Afzal-Khan, Arting Up the Revolution by Jonathan Culp, Concrete
      Blonde Interview, Celie's Revenge: Hip-hop Betrays Black Women by
      Jennifer McLune, No Justice No Peace: a critique within the peace
      movement, Scott Heron Interview (Prefuse 73, Savath + Savalas) and
      much more from writers and artists living all over the world.

      We are almost sold out of Issue One Featuring...
      Interviews with:
      * Mr. Lif on the politics of hip-hop
      * Sleater Kinney, ladymen in effect
      * Elaine Brown and Constance Curry, two civil rights activists talk
      about current politics
      * shebang!, an all-girl breaking crew from Canada chat about being b-
      girl pioneers
      * Bitch & Animal, self-described tittie tribal hoe down funk

      * Before and After September 11th: Notes from an Anti-Racist,
      Feminist Patriot by Zillah Eisenstein
      * Justice is a Human Right, the struggle for prison reform by Vanessa
      Filley * A Look at the Emergence of Graffiti Culture by J. Jarosz
      * Hajira: Part One, a short story about a friendship between two
      Pakistani women struggling to define themselves within the confines
      of their expected societal roles
      AND MORE!!!

      The cost is $3 per issue.
      ** NOTE: If you live outside of the US, please add a few dollars to
      help with shipping costs **

      You can purchase your copy using a credit card via Paypal by going to
      www.paypal.com and sending the donation to info@....

      Or you may send cash, check or money order (made out to "Mandy Van
      Deven") to:
      Altar Magazine
      955 Metropolitan Avenue
      Suite 4R
      Brooklyn, NY 11211

      N Y C W O M E N ' S I N D I E M E D I A C O A L I T I O N
      As media makers, much of our success depends on those around us...
      the connections we have, the resources we have access to, the
      information we learn. NYC WIMC's vision is to create a space for
      women to come together to support each other in our work. So, what
      does this look like? Once a month, the NYC WIMC will have a meeting
      to share information about projects that we (as individuals or as a
      group) are currently involved in, ask questions or get help with
      issues that we are having (for example: how do i get distribution for
      the magazine/film i a working on? where is a good gallery to approach
      with my work? where can i publish my
      fiction/non-fiction/poetry/erotica/etc?), receive honest feedback and
      criticism of our work, form alliances, and share information about
      events/conferences/fairs/workshops that may be happening in the area.
      For more info or to be added to the listserve email

      S U B S C R I B E T O O U R L I S T S E R V E
      To receive calls for submissions, news about new issues and other
      Altar Magazine announcements, please write to:
      mandy@..., and state that you would like to be add to
      the listserve or send an email to
      altarmagazine_announcements-subscribe@... with subscribe
      in the subject. Thank you for your support and dedication!
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