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Phil Jimenez working on a new WONDER WOMAN ENCYCLOPEDIA

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     From popsyndicate http://www.popsyndicate.com/site/story/interview_the_phil_jimenez_perspective copy & pasted this portion: So is that the only comic you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2008

       From popsyndicate


      copy & pasted this portion:

      So is that the only comic you are working on right now?  You are not doing anything for DC Zero? Or any of the final crisis?

      I am under contract with Marvel Comics for another few months. My DC work is actually for licensing. I am actually working on the Wonder Woman Encyclopedia, which is, of course, loads of fun and outrageous amounts of research so I get to read about Wonder Woman issue after issue all day. I have to say has been interesting in [seeing] story trends in comics.  It’s interesting to see. Different characters, like spider-man, just lend themselves to certain types of stories.  The milieu itself suggests a certain kind of tale.  The same with wonder woman.  This sort of Greek mythology background. The island of immortal women. The military. The over protective mother.  It’s been fascinating to see how historically the same sorts of stories have been told over and over again. I am not even sure creators between generations actually know this.  They just think, “Oh my god I’ve got the perfect wonder woman story!” Like, “someone else is going to be wonder woman.” Only to find out and realize that in comic book history there have been 10 Wonder Women.  Three of whom, mind you, are the golden age, earth 1 and post crisis versions. So there are three Dianas.  But Wonder Woman has been replaced numerous times.  Some cranky Amazon has said ‘I can do your job better than you can’ and has tried to orchestrate another contest. They get the outfit, they find out they are not suited for it, Diana gets the outfit back, - Artemis, Orana, another one from the 60s, Donna Troy, Circe.  It’s interesting to me how the costume goes around.  The point being that one of the things that has been fascinating me is sort of marking these story trends. And once the encyclopedia is done, I can honestly say that we never need to see another Amazon challenge Wonder Woman to the title, because it’s been done.  Not because it’s not such a good story but because it’s been done over and over again.

      What it excites in me about this, in rethinking that character, trying to figure out what’s some new angle on the story now that I have a large historical perspective. What stories would I tell with Wonder Woman to take the best aspects of the versions of them but do not necessarily rehash the stories that have been told multiple times over the decades.

      Who are your favorite characters to draw?

      My favorite characters to draw are all women. Wonder woman, of course. Donna Troy. The Titan girls – Starfire and Raven.  The X-women. My favorite characters to draw are probably mostly my favorite characters. Partly because they are my favorites because I get them, I know how to body them, I know how to make them act, they all have fantastic hair, and usually their costumes are really good.

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