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DC NATION: "Mapping out the Multiverse" (List of Identified Universes)

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  • Raffy
    Mapping out the Multiverse, Part 1 With over 100,000 votes cast, the fans have spoken and the winners have been chosen for the four title bouts in next month s
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008

      Mapping out the Multiverse, Part 1

      With over 100,000 votes cast, the fans have spoken and the winners have been chosen for the four title bouts in next month's weekly miniseries COUNTDOWN ARENA. So who's the strongest Superman, most dangerous Wonder Woman, smartest Batman and most powerful Green Lantern in the Multiverse? Well, for that you'll to have wait and read COUNTDOWN ARENA, only 'cause I'm under court order not to reveal them here.

      But if you know me, you also know it's hard for me not to keep the DC Nation informed of all the goings-on in the DC Universe. I contacted our Mistress of the Multiverse, COUNTDOWN Asst. Editor Liz Gehrlein, (no better person to keep track of all this) and she took me through her assembled list of all the known universes.

      So here, for the first time, we will present the universes known and soon to be known to you all (with their new "first" appearances):


      Earth-2: Home of the original Justice Society (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-3: The Crime Society's world (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-4: Home of the Charlton characters (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-5: Home of the Fawcett (Shazam) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-8: World of Lord Havok and the Extremists (COUNTDOWN #29)
      Earth-9: Tangent Universe (upcoming in TANGENT: SUPERMAN'S REIGN #1)
      Earth-10: Home of the Quality (Freedom Fighters) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-11: World of reversed genders (ARENA #1 and THE SEARCH FOR RAY
      Earth-12: The Next Generation, beyond Batman (ARENA #1)
      Earth-13: World of dark and arcane heroes (ARENA #1)
      Earth-15: World of heroes realized (Donna Troy, Wonder Woman) (COUNTDOWN #30)
      Earth-16: Home of the Super-Sons (ARENA #1)
      Earth-17: A post WWIII, apocalyptic universe (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-18: World of the Elseworld's JUSTICE RIDERS (ARENA #1)
      Earth-21: World of Elseworld's NEW FRONTIER (ARENA #1)
      Earth-22: Elseworld's KINGDOM COME Universe (first appearance 52 #52)
      Earth-26: Universe of Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew (CAPTAIN CARROT AND THE FINAL ARK #1)
      Earth-30: World of Elseworld's SUPERMAN: RED SON (COUNTDOWN #32)
      Earth-32: World of Elseworld's BATMAN: DARKEST KNIGHT (ARENA #1)
      Earth-34: World of Elseworld's AMAZONIA (ARENA #1)
      Earth-37: World of Elseworld's THRILLKILLER (ARENA#1)
      Earth-40: World of Elseworld's LIBERTY FILES (ARENA #1)
      Earth-43: World of Elseworld's BATMAN: RED RAIN (THE SEARCH FOR RAY PALMER: RED RAIN #1)
      Earth-48: Forerunner's world (COUNTDOWN #46)
      Earth-50: Wildstorm Universe (first seen 52 #52)

      There you have a road map for 26 of the known universes, as for the remainder, well, let's save that for another day. We have plenty of worlds to visit and even more stories to tell. The DC Universe is limitless, no need to define the boundaries… yet.

      To be continued... DD

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