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WW in pop culture

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  • Chris
    Even cooler, I thought was that way back when VH-1 did I LOVE THE 70s they devoted as much time talking about WW as they did talking about STAR WARS. THAT
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 2005
      Even cooler, I thought was that way back when VH-1 did
      "I LOVE THE 70s" they devoted as much time talking
      about WW as they did talking about STAR WARS. THAT
      was HIGHLY impressive. And, after they talked WW,
      they KEPT talking about Lynda Carter in "Challenge of
      the Network Stars." Granted, Lynda did host the
      "Wonders of 197_" but still, WW equal to STAR WARS?
      THAT is a MIGHTY impressive thing to me. Well, even
      more impressive, was the fact that the I LOVE THE 70s
      shows aired before the WW DVD sets were even
      announced. All this just proves what a success the
      film can & WILL be if they do it right & follow the
      comics storylines to the degree the series did. The
      people LOVE their WW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Chris H

      --- Nick Nixon <nick_773@...> wrote:
      > Cool! Have you noticed all the references made
      > lately to Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter on TV? Just
      > last night there were two that I saw. One was a
      > preview for an upcoming episode of Bernie Mac. It
      > showed the young son (he had been given something
      > like rings or bracelets or something- couldn't tell)
      > saying, "now I can be like Wonder Woman" and he
      > makes like he's deflecting bullets! Then it shows
      > Bernie Mac rolling his eyes like he's worried...
      > Then I was watching America's Next Top Model
      > (another guilty pleasure!!!) and at the end where
      > they judge the girls' photo shoots... Tyra Banks
      > said to one girl that in her pic, she looked like
      > "like Wonder Woman, a young Lynda Carter"...
      > I thought it was cool!
      > Nick
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      > Does anyone watch a show on MTV called Room Raiders?
      > It's about a guy and 3 girls or a girl and 3 guys.
      > The guy or girl goes through the rooms of of the
      > other 3 and based on what is found, picks one of
      > them for a date (the 3 get to go through the room of
      > the person picking before the show is over).
      > Anyway, there is one episode where a girl is going
      > through the rooms of 3 guys and one of the guys is a
      > film student and an Elvira impersanoter. Anyway
      > (again), he also makes costumes and guess what
      > costume he made and is in his collection--a Wonder
      > Woman costume! It looks pretty good for being
      > homemade. It looks like it was modeled after the
      > CBS version of Wonder Woman and even has the red
      > boots with the white stripe. I couldn't believe he
      > made it! He didn't say too much about it. He was
      > more into Elvira and I Dream of Jeannie complete
      > with a replica bottle!
      > Max
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