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  • Chris
    Mar 11, 2013
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      I saw about it coming to PBS in like January.  I have been hoping to remember to check it out when it airs.  Andy, if you get the chance, please send a reminder like the week before it airs.  I definitely want to see it and love everything you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Thanks Andy! You are always a wealth of information!  Lynda Carter was on a radio broadcast this morning & she mentioned it.  I will definitely look for it next month!
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      Yep, I'm in it. 
      Many forum members contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for it.
      It will air on PBS in mid-April in a shortened version, and be out on public DVD sometime later this year.
      See my webpage for PBS details.
      Andy Mangels

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      Has anyone heard of this documentary?  It apparently came out last year in theaters & starred Lynda Carter & Lindsay Wagner!  I would like to watch it!!

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