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6613Wonder Woman #1-6 Review

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  • Raffy
    Mar 23, 2012
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      "...........Thus far, Wonder Woman’s reinvention has been a success. Azzarello’s handling of both the plot and the scripts leaves very little to be desired, and the allusions to classic Vertigo in both art and writing are entirely welcome. Still, if this really is meant to be the “Vertigo-ization” of Wonder Woman–and DC certainly seems to want readers to see it that way–then the series is going to have to push the envelope further than it has so far. It’s not enough for the book to be stylish, fantastical and occasionally creepy. It also needs to be challenging. Vertigo’s best creators have always been those who forced readers to confront uncomfortable subjects, and who actively subverted audience expectations. Wonder Woman’s milieu offers ample opportunities to broach relevant and controversial topics, but whether that will be allowed in a such a visible superhero series is very much an open question.

      All speculation aside, Wonder Woman has benefited more from DC’s New 52 initiative than almost any other title. As fun as it is to watch Diana put her enemies to the sword over in Justice League, seeing her own series get a sophisticated fantasy makeover is even better. Wonder Woman’s future may not be clear, but it is at least off to an exciting start."

      What We Liked:
      Dark fantasy makeover is a surprisingly good fit for the series and character. Cliff Chiang's art is perfect for the new direction.

      What We Disliked:
      Series could stand to push the envelope and tackle some more controversial subject matter.

      4 / 5 - Good

      -Reviewed by: Cameron Pershall
      One of the most interesting aspects of DC’s New 52 is how it has served as a platform to bring a few classic Vertigo characters, like John Constantine and

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