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2Norse Reenactment website seeks writers/voulenteers

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  • karaagnarsdottir
    Sep 27, 2005
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      Hello! My name is Kara Agnarsdottir and I am running a newly released
      Norse reenactment site called Modern Viking (located at
      http://www.modernviking.com). I am currently seeking content and a
      small voulenteer staff to help assist me in making this website a
      reliable resource for the norse scholar, reenactor, and/or enthusiast.

      If you have written any articles, tutorials, questions, comments, or
      believe that you have something to offer Modern Viking, please feel
      free to email me at kara@.... Thanks for your time!

      ~Kara Agnarsdottir
      Webmaster/Owner of ModernViking.com