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  • If you're really curious you should read Alan Sokal and Jean Bricmont's Fashionable Nonsense. They devote a whole chapter to Deleuze and Guattari's abuses of science, as well as those of others like Kristeva, Lacan, Latour and Irigaray. I don't have time to quote from it right now but would be willing to later if anyone is really curious. Also in case anyone doesn't know Sokal is...
    Dave Apr 21, 1999
  • A couple people have mentioned Rioux's Records but have lamented that it doesn't have a web presence. Well lament no longer: http://www.riouxs.com/ -Dave
    Dave Apr 20, 1999
  • At 12:52 PM 4/11/99 +0200, you wrote: >From: Cummings > >i'm also confused/disappointed by the idea of the Reich Remixed project, >although i've not heard it (i have heard the orb thing though). did >steve reich himself actually support this? from what he's said in the >past, i doubt that he would find any merit in such a venture. While I must confess I do not remeber much of it, I...
    Dave Apr 11, 1999
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  • At 04:24 PM 4/7/99 +0300, you wrote: >From: "ori gordon" > >since some of you found interest in muslimgauze's interview in israli >newspapers, i'm going to find it and translate it for you. i review music in >these papers, so i can get the file, but i guess it will take some time. > >more important than that, Dave wrote: >" I remember a few years back when there were a lot of...
    Dave Apr 7, 1999
  • At 05:01 PM 4/6/99 +0100, you wrote: >From: Andy Wilson >seems to me from this debate that his politics were just extreme >palestinian nationalism and, in essence, not so different from extreme >Israeli nationalism / zionism....... *formally* speaking they're weird >mirror images of one another, though in 99% of situations you'd find >me marching on the side of palestinian...
    Dave Apr 6, 1999
  • I recently bought Modulation and Transformation 4 on triple vinyl. The vinyl version has something like twenty tracks. But then later I read that the thing supposedly has better than thirty tracks. Does anybody know if the cd version is different then vinyl version? Thanks, Dave
    Dave Apr 1, 1999
  • At 12:31 PM 3/15/99 -0300, Franco Ingrassia wrote: >I remember when I was a teenager, I discovered Kraftwerk thanks to Depeche >Mode. And then I discovered Lissitsky and the russian constructivism thanks >to The Man Machine. Russian Constructivism is one of my favorite periods in terms of visual art, I wasn't aware of its musical component. Can you recommend some recordings? -Dave
    Dave Mar 15, 1999
  • What do people in the UK and Europe typically pay for CDs and Vinyl when they buy them in local stores. I was in Europe recently but didn't get the chance to go to too many stores. What little I did see struck me as ridiculously overpriced. In the states I only pay $10-14 for new cds and $8-11 for new vinyl (and a bit more for the more obscure stuff.) I'm curious because I'll be...
    Dave Feb 23, 1999
  • At 04:52 PM 2/22/99 -0300, Francisco Bernet P. (Inforsa) wrote: >From: "Francisco Bernet P. (Inforsa)" > > > >> > 2-Do they have an English distributor who will do mail order to >> > Israel?(I ask because I can pay in Pounds but not dollars). >> > I can recommend to you Carbon Disks for all Thrill Jockey releases >(and other great stuff from UK, US and Germany). > Check the site at...
    Dave Feb 22, 1999