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  • --- In thewire@^$1, "mark winkelmannn" wrote: > > That cheered me up I couldn't get tickets and as it turned out was too sick > to go anyway. I know they were saying it was sold out, but as it happens there were plenty of empty seats. If you'd gone along (if you hadn't been sick), you'd have got in. Nice venue. I've only been there once before, many years ago, to see Zoviet France...
    richardreesjones Nov 2, 2005
  • Anyone else go to this? I was seriously underwhelmed, I have to say. I've never been bored by AMM before, but I certainly was last night. Rowe's departure seems to have crippled their creativity. David Jackman was a fairly inconsequential presence. Why didn't Prevost play his full kit? And were my ears deceiving me, or did I hear some very Rowe-like radio excerpts, which were...
    richardreesjones Nov 2, 2005
  • Hello Byron Coley's singles column often mentions lathe cut records. What are these, and how do they differ from ordinary common or garden records? TIA Richard
    richardreesjones Jan 18, 2005
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  • Sadly I couldn't make it - any reports? Richard
    richardreesjones Dec 14, 2004
  • --- In thewire@^$1, Olivier Borzeix wrote: It's one thing to disagree and still > stay together but it's another one to go public about it starting a > flamewar in the "media" (a book, and internet forums in this case). > I knew about the book but not the internet forums. Which forums are you referring to? Richard
    richardreesjones Dec 9, 2004
  • --- In thewire@^$1, "Nat Catchpole" wrote: > The line up has changed several times over the years, most recently with the > much publicised withdrawal of guitarist Keith Rowe. > > I may have missed it but I hadn't heard anything about this supposedly "much publicised withdrawal", although I am aware of Prevost's withering comments about Rowe in his new book. I find it hard to...
    richardreesjones Dec 9, 2004
  • Hello I'm a long time reader of 'The Wire', but a new member of this group. The subject line sums up my query: I wonder if anyone could provide me with recommendations for modern composers who work with tonality and melody. I love Stockhausen and Xenakis, but I'd like to try something a little less challenging as well. I'm familiar with Gorecki and Tavener in this area, but not...
    Richard Rees Jones Aug 26, 2003