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  • I am going to sever all my links with Yahoo. The reason is the second case of the imprisonment in China of a journalist based on evidence freely provided by Yahoo. I rationalised the first incident which led to the imprisonment for eight years of Li Zhi. This second incrimination can in no way be innocent but was carried through in cold blood in the full knowledge of the...
    giles thomas Mar 31, 2006
  • Our server has been down for several days; Anyone wishing to view recently posted information can use these links: The Dry Speed release BL006: http://bl.xtempor.com/bl006info.html The December tour: http://bl.xtempor.com/thomaswichers.html These arrangements will stay for about a week while we wait for the domain name transfer. Then everything will be under bateaulavoir.org. Thanks, Giles
    giles thomas Mar 31, 2006
  • ...BL006sam3.mp3 Other samples are on the page. BATEAU LAVOIR VZW, VIOLETSTRAAT 12 , 2060 ANTWERPEN, BELGIUM 0032 (0)496 - 42 90 65, GILES.THOMAS@^$1, www.bateaulavoir.org
    giles thomas Mar 27, 2006
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  • thanks very much John G John Farrar wrote: > giles thomas wrote: > > Hi, > > I'm looking for a review in the wire from august,September or October > > for a CD by Bateau Lavoir with André...
    giles thomas Dec 5, 2005
  • Hi, I'm looking for a review in the wire from august,September or October for a CD by Bateau Lavoir with André Goudbeek called "Quartet" Two people have mentioned it to me but they don't know which issue. If I can track the right issue then I can order back issues from the publisher. any help greatly appreciated. Giles
    giles thomas Dec 5, 2005
  • I' d like to put this point in for consideration; given that a lot of discussion would be about the work that contributors make isn't it part of the process to draw attention to things that are happening beyond the discussion. Some of the more obscure labels & producers only get a platform on forums like this one. I don't mind this activity & I recieve all the post in my mailbox...
    giles thomas Nov 7, 2005
  • The new domain is up for xtempor. Xtempor will be a pay per track digital download site dedicated to improvised non repertoire music. If you produce in this field or have a label with this sort of work you will be able to place it here for sale including the artwork.We hope to include a discussion forum also. Each label or producer will have their own page. The audio format will be...
    giles thomas Oct 28, 2005
  • now available on itunes Cover Art Big Trio Bateau Lavoir iTunes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    giles thomas Oct 22, 2005
  • Are you interested in any of our productions? If so we can send you some discs. check first - www.bateaulavoir.org Giles Thomas drkoper wrote: > PLAYLISTS > > KOSTEN KOPER est L'étranger > > Radio Panik, Bruxelles 105.4FM, Every Tuesday 15h30-16h30 (+2GMT...
    giles thomas Sep 13, 2005
  • The annual free music festival is underway in Antwerp at the moment for three days: www.freemusicfestival.org (programme) This year it has changed directorship from W.I.M. the musicians collective to the curatorship of Rob Leurentop: At the same time it has moved venue to the beautiful concert hall, De Singel: Last night we enjoyed a stirring performance from Peter Brotzman's...
    giles thomas Aug 20, 2005