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Dead Angel Review

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  • Menschenfeind
    Sorry about the crossposts Below is a review from Dead Angel a magazine published by monotremata records. http://www.monotremata.com/ Additional details below
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2000
      Sorry about the crossposts

      Below is a review from Dead Angel a magazine published by monotremata records.
      Additional details below

      Dr. Randall Philip -- ROSEMARY MALIGN & THE EUGENICS COUNCIL [Menschenfeind Productions]
      Ouch -- this CD is loud. Which is hardly surprising -- lo, we have entered power electronics territory. Dr. Randall Philip is the guy who brings you the controversial magazine FUCK, the Eugenics Council have been doing similar activities in noise for five years or so, and Rosemary Malign has appeared on the Susan Lawly release EXTREME MUSIC FROM WOMEN. So right up front we have clear indications that everybody involved has a bad attitude and is going for broke in the ear-punishment sweepstakes....
      Here, on this disc, Rosemary Malign provides female vox and sounds for Eugenics Council and the mysterious D.N. provides sounds and maile vox. (Philip appears as himself, natch.) The 28 tracks on the disc are a scattering of tracks by the Eugenics Council, Philip himself, and -- on "Little Faggots (Plus, Dance Mix!)" -- all of them together. The disc was refused for pressing by several plants for the naughty artwork (strange, i can't imagine how anybody could be offended by the sight of swastikas and the Star of David on the same cover), rude titles (a wee sample: "Do Your Fucking Job," "Amputate & Kill," "Just-A-Cunt," "Heavenly Rape," "Jew-Gook-Nigger," "Marching On," "Stupid Nigger," etc., etc.), and song content (really, some of the spoken parts are among the most awesomely, intentionally offensive things you'll ever hear). Apparently some people are easily upset.... I personally don't really see the point in all the push-the-envelope offensiveness, but it's a free world, and there is an audience for this sort of material (witness the cult of Whitehouse and Taint, for instance). So let us review the thing and let the readers make up their minds whether to partake, eh? (I must admit i found "Shut Up and Fuck Me" really, really amusing.)
      So, the big question: do they deliver the goods? Well, as i mentioned already, they're goddamned loud and they have the buzzsaw power-electronics thing down cold -- many moments of ripped-up sound roaring through the speakers like a malfunctioning transformer rigged up to a dozen contact mikes and tumbling down a steel staircase, plenty of high-end ear damage ("Genocide Now" is particularly savage in this respect), the use of treated CDs to provide skipping rhythms on occasion (see "Born to Be a Victim"), and just a sheer joy for horribly abusing sonic equipment in general. I'm sure this disc redlines well past "proper" redbook audio standards all over the place.... One of the interesting things about the disc is that, in general, they favor very different approaches -- the Eugenics Council like to mike in bizarre samples (old records, marching bands, radio transmissions, talk-show commentary, God knows what else) in with their power-assault, and they have the advantage of having a female singer, an unusual and ear-catching thing to hear in the power-electronics field; Dr. Philip is more aligned with traditional power-electronics, preferring as a rule to lay down bedrock sonic assault from heavily processed efx over which he can sneer about all sorts of deliberately offensive subject matter (think Macronympha here, perhaps, or Taint). Another advantage of having the artists trade off tracks (but not necessarily one after another -- sometimes one will do two or three in a row) is that their different styles make the disc far more unpredictable than your average power-electronics disc. Where many such bands start out hard and stay that way, causing boredom to set in fairly early, this disc is wildly up and down in its attack, which prevents the listener from getting stuck in a rut. It doesn't hurt that Rosemary sounds like a caged animal half the time, either... check out "Go Away" and you start to wonder what might happen if Lydia Lunch decided to dabble in power electronics. Bonus points for the live track being one of the most chaotic, obnoxious shoutfests around, sort of like ranting bag people with efx boxes. Rosemary sounds genuinely psychotic, which is always a plus, and it's really amusing to hear an actual dance loop mixed into the noise/shout festival.
      Bottom line: I had to turn this CD down to listen to it, which is so rare as to be statistically improbable, and it came close to giving me a migraine headache halfway through. If that's not a recommendation for those who like their electronics out of control, i can't imagine what is. Just make no mistake: this is offensive. Definitely not for the politically correct. Don't say you haven't been warned....

      Jewel case edition $9
      vinyl bag edition $7
      postage paid
      Menschenfeind Productions
      po box 13207
      st.louis mo 63157

      Credit card orders can be taken at menschenfeind.com
      . Some other distributors are listed below that accept credit cards, and some that are out of the U.S. Any of the larger retail stores listed only carry the jewel case edition, with censored artwork. The original artwork is underneath the traycard.

      Freakanimal - finland http://www.sci.fi/~fifteen/freak-animal/
      artware productions - germany http://www.artware-prod.com/
      Cold Spring -U.K http://www.coldspring.co.uk/

      If you are not in one of the countries listed above, let me know, and ill direct you to a distributor in your area.

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