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RE: [thewire] documentary sound resources

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  • Randy Gelling
    Yves Daoust s latest CD on Empreintes Digitales includes a piece very similar to Idea of North called Fantaisie but with Societe Radio-Canada sound
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 4, 2000
      Yves Daoust's latest CD on Empreintes Digitales includes a piece very
      similar to "Idea of North" called "Fantaisie" but with Societe
      Radio-Canada sound sources.

      On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, Really Happening wrote:

      > I may be mistaken, but I think some of Gould's radio stuff is available on
      > CD from CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and there's probably
      > something online at the Banff Centre for the Arts. There's always Bernie
      > Krauss, who recently put out an anthology/book with ellipsis. Also,
      > Hildegard W was part of a group of people at Vancouver's Simon Fraser
      > University doing similar work, led by R. Murray Schaeffer, who influenced
      > the genre heavily with his book The Tuning of the World. I think they were
      > called the World Soundscape Project, and there's many people in academia and
      > otherwise carrying on this work. There are national and international
      > organizations devoted to the this area, including The World Forum on
      > Acoustic Ecology. You can probably find better info through
      > http://www.trentu.ca/soundescape/, which is the URL for a conference my
      > sound collage group played at this summer in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
      > Also, I seem to remember Charles Amirkhanian being involved in some world
      > soundscape documentary project while at KPFK in the 80's.Also, look up Steve
      > McGreevy's VLF recordings on the internet - natural radio in the ionosphere!
      > Best,
      > Really Happening
      > Mannlicher Carcano
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