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Re: [thewire] Re: documentary sound resources

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  • Iris Garrelfs
    re film/music lovers/cross overs alex, where you are right, you a re right!
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 3, 2000
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      re film/music lovers/cross overs
      alex, where you are right, you a re right!

      on 31/8/00 3:32 am, trommer at trommer@... wrote:

      >> Hi All,
      >> Thanks for the tip off re Glenn Gould's 'The Idea of North'. The film
      >> 'Thirty two short films about Glenn Gould' has a few minutes of this radio
      >> doco aswell as a similar piece based on overheard voices in a truckstop.
      >>> As this page notes, he regarded his raw material
      >>> as a composer would his musical notes.
      >> The short snatch of 'North' in the 'Thirty two short films' is excellent as
      >> a composition and sits interestingly within the context of Gould's piano
      >> style and repertoire which makes up the bulk of the film's musical content.
      >> The truckstop sequence further ties in the volume and prominence of the
      >> multiple conversations in the mix to the the shifting focus of
      >> attentiveness on the part of the actor playing Gould on screen. Well shot,
      >> edited and mixed it's a brilliant comment on the fine boundary between
      >> active listening and composition.
      >> BTW does anyone know if there are any audio samples on the net (mp3,
      >> realplayer, whatever) of 'North' or any other of Glenn Gould's radio docos.
      >> Also, any tip off's re related films would be much appreciated.
      >> Mitch
      > the cbc is a great resource for glenn gould-related stuff (they also put
      > out 'the solitude trilogy' on 3CD...includes 'the idea of north'...)
      > try www.cbc.ca
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