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contingent to contingent

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  • Chris Herbert
    motion filter subscribers will know this already. mildly diverting, not to mention more cogent than a wire review... ... dictation program. I m having a ball
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2000
      motion filter subscribers will know this already. mildly diverting,
      not to mention more cogent than a wire review...

      >I recently purchased Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a voice recognition
      dictation program. I'm having a ball talking to my computer. I was
      listening to a Gerry Mulligan CD while dictating and the microphone
      started to pick up one of his solos. The baritone sax is close to my
      voice in range. I got the idea to play my bari into the microphone. I
      just a little messing around playing different patterns and trying out
      all registers. I got a very interesting output. The program uses
      context of phrases to make its word selection, so the output was
      inphrases. There is coherence among some of the phrases. Words and
      phrases repeat themselves. It makes for interesting reading aloud.
      Has anyone else tried anything like this?

      From: "&c." <parksplace@...>

      The registers that are close to my voice picked up really well. The
      high not at all, the low a little better. I had to keep the dynamics
      low so that it would pick it up. Well here's the pure output.

      The first block is my alto and the second my bari:

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