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    DON T RESPOND TO this ADDRESS respond TO hansonrec@hotmail.com ... From: HANSON RECORDS HANSON RECORDS PO BOX 7496 ANN ARBOR, MI
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2000
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      DON'T RESPOND TO this ADDRESS respond TO

      --------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: "HANSON RECORDS" <hansonrec@...>
      PO BOX 7496
      ANN ARBOR, MI 48107 USA

      Hello, this is the new list. If you got this twice or don�t want it at
      let me know and I�ll take care of it. Please check out the websites at
      bottom to listen to or see Hanson and related monkey business.
      Aaonr DiIlowayn

      items available as of July 0000
      Ordering info in the middle there somewhere...


      Wolf Eyes / Nautical Almanac - split LP $8 (very few left)
      Nautical Almanac - S/T LP $7 (very few left)
      Labyrinths & Jokes - various artists LP
      w/ The Beast People, Andrew W.K., Nautical Almanac, Isis &
      Werewolves,Mini-Systems, and Ron of Japan. $8
      Ron Of Japan - 6 min, one sided 7� $3

      other labels stuff...
      Caroliner - Rear End Hernia Puppet Show LP $8
      - I�m Armed With Quarts Of Blood LP $8
      - Rise of The Common Woodpile LP $8
      - The Cooking Stove Beast LP $8
      - Strike Them Hard Drag Them To Church LP $8
      - The Sabre Waving Saracen Wall LP $8
      - Banknotes, Dreams, and Signatures LP $8
      - Rings On The Awkward Shadow 2LP $13
      - Sell Heal Holler LP $8
      - Our American Heritage LP $8
      - Gut b/w Lower Intestinal Tracks 12� $8
      - Toodoos LP $8
      - Ardelli Horse Haven (by Musclenuts) 7� $5
      - split w/ Commode Minstrals In Bullface 7� $5
      - Living Proof Of The 1800�s VIDEO $10
      - Caroliner Coffee Mug! $10
      - Caroliner Buttons $2 each
      Universal Indians - Sloth Nest LP (American Tapes) $8
      Scare Supply - S/T LP (American Tapes) $8
      Amercan Tapes - newest tape or CDR $6
      Goblin - Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red) O.S.T. reissue LP (Cinevox) $16
      MEV - Live �94 7� (Stomach Ache) $4
      Penderecki / Wolff - split 7� (Stomach Ache) $4
      Gainsbourge / Nancarrow - split 7� (Stomach Ache) $5
      Little Princess - Wet Beginnings CD (time STEREO) $10
      Princess Dragonmom - Fear of Evil CD (time STEREO) $10
      Red Spot - V/A w/ Minimal Man, Micon, Fried Abortions, etc..
      Nervous Gender - Music From Hell LP (Subterranean) $9
      Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - T-shirt 2 color nice! $10
      Rubber O Cement - cassette in shoe $5
      Rubber O Cement - cassette w/ greenbeans $5
      Rubber O Cement - Capacitor LP $8
      Rubber O Cement - Osmolytes CDR $8
      Rubber O Cement / Panicsville - split LP (Nihilist) $11
      Icky Boyfriends - Talking to you...LP (Menlo Park) $11
      Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase - Beatings...LP (Menlo Park) $11
      Deerhoof - Dirt Pirate Creed LP (COH) $8
      Woof Pies - Hot Pumpits CDR (Swezlex) $10
      Zeek Sheck - Good Luck Suckers LP (Freeland) $10
      Clit Stop - v/a CD w/ Nautical Almanac / Rubber O w/ Karla Lavey, No
      Neck,Zeek Sheck, etc... (Swezlex) $8
      Harry Pussy - Let�s Build a Pussy 2LP (Blackbean) $13
      Destroy All Monsters - Paranoid of Blondes 7� (Sympathy) $4
      Glands of External Secretion / Prick Decay - Who�s Who...CD (Starlight)

      AZ - Music For Scattered Brains CD (Atavistic) $15
      Mr. Velocity Hopkins - S/T CD (Insignificant) $10
      Voice Crack - Earflash CD (Dexter�s Cigar) $15
      The Fall - Peel Sessions (BBC Music) $17
      Sonic Youth - Anagrama CD (SYR1) $11
      Sonic Youth - Slaapkamers Met Slagroom CD (SYR2) $11
      Sonic Youth - w/ Jim O�Rourke CD (SYR3) $11
      Sonic Youth - Goodbye 20th Century 2CD (SYR4) $18
      Sonic Youth - Sonic Death Live CD (Mute/Blast First) $23
      The Normal - Warm Leatherette CD single (Mute) $6
      Suicide - S/T + bonus live disc 2CD (Mute) $17
      DAF - Die Kleinen und Die Bosen CD (Mute) $15
      Throbbing Gristle - 2nd Annual Report CD (Mute) $12
      Throbbing Gristle - D.O.A. CD (Mute) $12
      Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats CD (Mute) $12
      Throbbing Gristle - Heathen Earth CD (Mute) $12
      Throbbing Gristle - Mission Of Dead Souls CD (Mute) $12
      Throbbing Gristle - Greatest Hits CD (Mute) $12
      Solid Eye - Fruits Of Automation (Win) $14

      probably later than sooner...
      The Beast People / Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock LP (Hanson/Chocolate
      Monk/Hell�s Half Halo/Spite)
      Satan Place cassette (Hanson/Ecstatic Peace)
      Dylan Nyoukis CDR
      Universal Indians -The Sound Of One Brain Dying LP (Hanson/American
      Maximum Cloud LP
      Metalux LP
      Peach Of Immortality - Succumbs Video
      Wolf Eyes / Nautical Almanac / Rubber O Cement - Euro Tour LP
      The Beast People 7� (Hell�s Half Halo)
      Wolf Eyes CD (Bulb)
      Mini-Systems cassette (Spite)
      Nautical Almanac / Wolf Eyes / Maximum Cloud live cassette (Spite)

      Websites with HANSON starf!!!!

      The Land of Tuh!
      Video and Audio of Nautical Almanac, Wolf Eyes, Metalux, Maximum Cloud,
      Rubber-O-Cement and more....

      Check their archives for video of Wolf Eyes, Maximum Cloud and tons

      Bulb Records
      Home of Wolf Eyes and Andrew W.K. Updated yearly!

      Village Voice
      Article on Nautical Almanac, Wolf Eyes, Maximum Cloud, and Magas. Please

      note: We have NOTHING to do with the term �garbagetronica�! Thanks.

      Vice Magazine
      Music, Partying, and Love by Andrew W.K.

      The funnest of the bunch.

      Also I am looking for the following records, I will pay cash or trade for

      Nocturnal Emissions - Tissue of Lies LP
      Esplendor Geometrico - any early LP�s
      Phonophobia LP
      P16.D4 - any LP�s
      Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Merzbow / Due Process LP
      Chris & Cosey - Techno Primitiv LP
      France Gall (Serge Gainsbourg LPs)
      Pacific 231 LP�s
      William S. Burroughs - Nothing here now... LP
      Randy Holden - Population II reissue LP
      Sun City Girls - 1st LP
      Hot Butter - Popcorn LP
      Hugo Montenegro - Moog Power LP
      Command Moog record w/ Moog version of Girl from Ipanema
      Goblin - Dawn of the Dead / Zombie LP
      Culturcide - Any LP�s
      Peach of Immortality - Talking Heads 77 LP
      Illhan Mimaroglu LP�s

      PO BOX 7496
      ANN ARBOR, MI 48107 USA

      When ordering non-HANSON items please email first or list alternates.

      Postage Paid in USA
      Canada and Mexico add $2 for first item, $1 each additional item.
      Overseas Airmail: add $5 for the first item, $3 for each additional LP,
      Video, or Magazine. $2 for each additional cass, 5�, 7�, or 8 Track.
      Makes checks or Money Orders payable to : Aaron Dilloway
      Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at http://www.hotmail.com
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