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  • Iain Hinchliffe
    ... On reading both of the above comments my initial reaction was to think no! - there s been lots of things that I ve been buying recently that have excited
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2000
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      >The music seems to be suffering as well.
      >Maybe its fin-de-siecle ennui, or who knows
      >what, but something is missing.
      >DID in fact indierock die? Apart from
      >the obvious Stereolabs and Boredoms and
      >Nectarines, is there new, exciting,
      >cutting-edge stuff out there?

      On reading both of the above comments my initial reaction was to think no! -
      there's been lots of things that I've been buying recently that have excited
      and re-invigorated my worn ears... ...then I thought a bit more about it and
      it comes to me that a lot of the music that's exciting me isn't perhaps the
      latest bleeding edge... The jazz I've most enjoyed recently is from the
      60's, the rock music often from the 70's, the post-rock and lowercase music
      from the mid to late 90's...

      Even the most recent records that I've enjoyed are somehow quite referential
      to the past (Sam Prekop's eponymous record, Tortoise's 'TNT', Boards of
      Canada...). Though art and music is a form of the expression of feelings
      and influences, every now and again then there's a unique artistic voice
      that expresses itself in a unique way - is there a possibility that the
      greater and wider distribution of music through decentralised channels
      (through the internet communicated in mailing lists or music files
      themselves, or through the amount of people having the ability to be able to
      record or release records, or people no longer necessarily relying on the
      radio [or it perhaps not being the insurrectionist medium it perhaps once
      was]) actually might prevent or reduce the impact of these unique voices?

      ..just thoughts...

      Iain H.
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