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AtmosDist: - Harry Partch - 23RD February, 2000

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  • Andrew Kettle (atmospheric disturbances)
    atmospheric disturbances playlist & Newsletter for 23RD FEBRUARY, 2000. Block 10, Show # 85. Atmospheric Disturbances is The Experimental Show on 4ZZZfm,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2000
      atmospheric disturbances
      playlist & Newsletter for 23RD FEBRUARY, 2000. Block 10, Show # 85.
      Atmospheric Disturbances is 'The Experimental Show' on 4ZZZfm, 102.1,
      Community Radio Station, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
      An Australian, Weekly, Experimental Music radio show broadcast onto
      the Internet!

      Harry Partch
      "Delusions of the Fury"
      A ritual of Dream and Delusion
      Ensemble of unique instruments conducted by Danlee Mitchell
      through Innova. http://www.composersforum.org

      'Exordium: The beginning of the Web' 10:45.

      Act I: treats with death and with life despite death,
      On a Japanese theme, Scene - A Shrine.
      Chorus of Shadows 5:10
      The Pilgrimage 4:15
      Emergence of the Spirit 3:32
      A son in search of his Father's face 6:01
      Cry from another darkness 4:43
      Pray for me 3:02

      Sanctus: An entracts 6:20

      Delusions of the Fury is a 72' totally-intergrated, corporeal, microtonal,
      elemental work of ritual theater, incorporating almost all of partch's
      hand-built orchestra od sculptural instruments. It stands as the Choral
      Symphony or Ring Cycle do to other composers: a cultminating testament to a
      lifetime of "doing your own thing". Perhaps the most astonishing, seductive
      and compelling of Partch's works. Like composer Colon Nancarrow, Partch had
      to wait until late in life for his radical contributions to the arts to
      receive wide attention. With the 1969 production of delusion he was
      "discovered", idolized, and gurufied, as a 43-tone-to-the-octave, ex-hobo,
      eccentric, maverick, iconoclastic instrument-builder, and a "philosophic
      music-man seduced into carpentary". Hippy hyperbale notwithstanding, Partch
      was a genuine far-out radical whose tome has come. Again, "sounds like this
      have rarely been heard before, at least not on this planet." The 16-page
      illustrated booklet features Partch's introduction and a new text by
      conductor Danlee Mitchell.

      Check out : Instruments of Harry Partch:
      Atmospheric Disturbances, The Experimental Music Show, 4ZzZ fm102.1
      Brisbane, Wednesday Night, 11pm - Midnight. www.4zzzfm.org.au

      Mailng address for Atmospheric Disturbances:
      4ZZZ, Attn: Atmospheric Disturbances. P.O. Box 509,
      Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. 4006.
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