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Auction Update. 4 days left, nothing going for much right now.

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  • aljones@rollins.edu
    4 days left in auctions. David Tudor plays the music of Mauricio Kagel Improvisation Ajoutee , Gordon Mumma Mesa, for cybersonic bandoneon , Christian Wolff
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2000
      4 days left in auctions.

      David Tudor plays the music of Mauricio Kagel "Improvisation
      Gordon Mumma "Mesa, for cybersonic bandoneon", Christian Wolff "For
      1,2, or 3 People" is
      currently at $2.25

      John Cage / Concerto for Prepared Paino & Orchestra Yuji Takahashi
      prepared piano
      Lukas Foss / Baroque Variations
      currently at $4.25

      Tragoedia. Andrew Rudin. no bids yet. this one is actually
      pretty good, its not exactly silver apples of the moon, but
      its early experimental synthesizer stuff, very minnimal
      almost pan sonic like at places. decent album.

      stockhausen is at $1.00

      Steve Reich is at $1.00

      State of the Union Comp. is $2.25

      Henry Kaiser album is $1.00

      all of these albums are LPs sorry that the pictures
      don't look like LPs but the scanner kinda expanded everyhing
      and i couldn't get the entire LP n2 the scanner etc.
      you know how these things go...
      anyways good luck and thanx for bidding.

      oh yeah the link to ebay is


      or just search ebay, seller is aljones@...

      kind regards
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