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AD: APRA - 16TH February, 2000

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  • Andrew Kettle (atmospheric disturbances)
    atmospheric disturbances playlist & Newsletter for 16TH FEBRUARY, 2000. Block 10, Show # 84. Atmospheric Disturbances is The Experimental Show on 4ZZZfm,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2000
      atmospheric disturbances
      playlist & Newsletter for 16TH FEBRUARY, 2000. Block 10, Show # 84.
      Atmospheric Disturbances is 'The Experimental Show' on 4ZZZfm, 102.1,
      Community Radio Station, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
      An Australian, Weekly, Experimental Music radio show broadcast onto
      the Internet!
      Australian Performing Rights Association Review Week - 2 hours.

      Track: Artery
      Artist: The Loop Orchestra
      Length: 13:02
      Format: CD Endless Recordings ER03
      Title: The Analogue Years
      Link: p.doyle@...

      Track: The Ritual Continues
      Artist: Steve Roach
      Length: 4:50
      Format: CD celestial harmonies 14163-2
      Title: dreaming ... now, then. A retrospective 1982 - 1997
      Link: http://www.harmonies.com/

      Track: Don't walk out
      Artist: Mick Baker Noise Extorsion
      Length: 6:15
      Format: CD self-release
      Title: Alien Biscuit Thieves

      Track: The most civilised man is just a bunch of nueurons vibrating in a bag
      of skin
      Artist: Distorter
      Length: 13:11
      Format: CD serbsky Institute SERIN 008
      Title: In Quatrains Obscure
      Link: Serbskyinstitute@...

      Track: Trepan Nation
      Artist: Shannon O'Neill
      Length: 8:27
      Format: CD self-release.
      Title: minimal liminal
      Link: http://www.cia.com.au/alias/hello.html

      Track: elevator
      Artist: page 27
      Length: 7:28
      Format: CD consumer productions 1999
      Title: consumer productions 1999
      Link: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Movie/9629/

      Track: Jewel
      Artist: Topology
      Length: 3:51
      Format: CD serrated records 10899
      Title: Topology

      Track: A long Time Coming
      Artist: Column 3-57
      Length: 4:42
      Format: CD self-release.
      Title: Gods of the Desert
      Link: http://www.theinternet.com.au/~benedict

      Track: Unhappy when he thought
      Artist: Project Space Anus
      Length: 6:33
      Format: CD self-release
      Title: Music for Advertisements
      Link: http://members.dencity.com/psa

      Track: Electric Ice cream / Staple Gun.
      Artist: Phi
      Length: 9:00
      Format: Vinyl Pyschopajama
      Title: irrational
      Link: psychopajama@...

      Track: Blue Milk
      Artist: Steriolab
      Length: 8:25
      Format: CD elektra 7559624092
      Title: cobra and phases group play voltage in the milky night

      Track: 2
      Artist: Plan 10
      Length: 0:23
      Format: CD self-release
      Title: concepts
      Link: dogface@...

      Track: loaded on drugs drugs
      Artist: Prolapse Leisure Industries (Dale Garbutt)
      Length: 8:44
      Format: CD self-release
      Title: Prolapse left alone shoots brain grow in his tongue
      Link: novadoser@...

      Track: Spaz Stibling
      Artist: AGIT8
      Length: 5:55
      Format:CD MDB011CD
      Title: Burnt
      Link: agit8@...

      Track: Doofensreich Overture
      Artist: Unhappy Beeperson
      Length: 1:53
      Format: CD PEATT 68% alive
      Title: Marching Songs of the Doofen Reich
      Link: s338423@...

      Track: St. Thomas Street
      Artist: A Kombi
      Length: 1:11
      Format: CD dual plover IMR 551BRD
      Title: Music to drive-by
      Link: http://www.ebom.com.au/thom/plover/index.html

      Track: Organ Performance
      Artist: Kettle
      Length: 5:35
      Format: CD Ket 02
      Title: Kettle
      Link: http://listen.to/kettle
      Atmospheric Disturbances, The Experimental Music Show, 4ZzZ fm102.1
      Brisbane, Wednesday Night, 11pm - Midnight. www.4zzzfm.org.au

      Mailng address for Atmospheric Disturbances:
      4ZZZ, Attn: Atmospheric Disturbances. P.O. Box 509,
      Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. 4006.
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