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AD: 9TH February, 2000

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  • Andrew Kettle (atmospheric disturbances)
    atmospheric disturbances playlist & Newsletter for 9TH FEBRUARY, 2000. Block 10, Show # 83. Atmospheric Disturbances is The Experimental Show on 4ZZZfm,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2000
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      atmospheric disturbances
      playlist & Newsletter for 9TH FEBRUARY, 2000. Block 10, Show # 83.
      Atmospheric Disturbances is 'The Experimental Show' on 4ZZZfm, 102.1,
      Community Radio Station, Brisbane, Queensland Australia
      An Australian, Weekly, Experimental Music radio show broadcast onto
      the Internet!

      Track: Pin into bulbs
      Artist: Mick Baker Noise Extorsion
      Length: 2:46
      Format: CD demo
      Title: Alien Biscuit Theives

      Track: Second Half
      Artist: Dzo
      Length: 3:23
      Format: CD PEATT $2.99
      Title: Affirmative Action
      Link: hybridyak@...

      Track: Arhythm Box
      Artist: Brainlego
      Length: 3:43
      Format: CD BL01
      Title: New Words of old Magick
      Link: luther_blissett_99@...

      Track: Tandory
      Artist: AGIT8
      Length: 5:33
      Format: CD MDB011CD
      Title: Burnt
      Link: agit8@...

      Track: Wierd Rush
      Artist: SEO
      Length: 3:04
      Format: CD pre-release
      Title: Trio
      Link: http://www.overlobe.com/

      Track: Baltimore
      Artist: VX
      Length: 1:53
      Format: CD serin special
      Title: Global EP
      Link: serbyskyinstitute@...

      Track: Live at Beautiful Noise Vol.2
      Artist: pop!
      Length: 9:22
      Format: CD
      Title: Beautiful Noise Vol.2
      Link: agit8@...

      Track: Crossing
      Artist: lost_time_accident
      Length: 5:02
      Format: CD Secession SR:001
      Title: age 2 wonder at
      Link: http://www.toysatellite.com.au/secession

      Track: Balslab
      Artist: Paul Abad
      Length: 5:07
      Format: CD demo
      Title: Sounds of Petanque
      Link: PAULABAD@...

      Track: The Wraith
      Artist: Column 3-57
      Length: 1:47
      Format: CD demo
      Title: Gods of the Desert
      Link: http://www.theinternet.com.au/~benedict

      Track: Cheesoid
      Artist: st crustacean
      Length: 1:40
      Format: CD pyschopyjama
      Title: fantastique
      Link: psychopyjama@...

      Track: 1
      Artist: Plan 10
      Length: 1:15
      Format: CD PL001
      Title: Concepts
      Link: dogface@...

      Track: The Pope & I
      Artist: A Kombi
      Length: 3:28
      Format: CD Dual Plover IMR 551BRD
      Title: Music to drive-by
      Link: http://www.ebom.com.au/thom/plover/index.html
      Atmospheric Disturbances, The Experimental Music Show, 4ZzZ fm102.1
      Brisbane, Wednesday Night, 11pm - Midnight. www.4zzzfm.org.au

      Mailng address for Atmospheric Disturbances:
      4ZZZ, Attn: Atmospheric Disturbances. P.O. Box 509,
      Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. 4006.
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