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The Conduit 00.03

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  • The Wire
    THE CONDUIT 00.03 This is The Conduit - the latest in a semi-regular series of news bulletins keeping you updated on the hyperlinked musical world of the UK
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2000
      THE CONDUIT 00.03

      This is The Conduit - the latest in a semi-regular series of news bulletins
      keeping you updated on the hyperlinked musical world of the UK music
      magazine The Wire. You have been added to this list because we think you
      have an interest in the music and culture we feature, but if you'd like to
      be removed, feel free to mail us back and tell us you're getting enough
      unsolicited mail already.


      THE WIRE 193 (March 2000)

      On the cover of this month's issue: Ian Penman celebrates the 23 year art
      attack of Colin Newman, Bruce Gilbert, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey -
      otherwise known as Wire. Also featured: Rashied Ali - interstellar drummer;
      ex-Cabaret Voltaire member Richard H Kirk; Bill Laswell's Invisible
      Jukebox; plus Vladislav Delay, Tara Jane ONeil, Haco, Kimmo Pohjonen, Terre
      Thaemlitz on Cheap Trick, and more
      In review: CDs by Robert Ashley, Asian Dub Foundation, Derek Bailey & Susie
      Ibarra, Tim Buckley, Clicks + Cuts, Coil, Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub
      Players, Laika, Alvin Lucier, Erik M, The MC5, Moondog, Will Oldham,
      Bernard Parmegiani, The Residents, Soft Machine, Sun Ra, Tied & Tickled
      Trio, Jah Wobble and many more
      New music books: David Toop's Rap Attack #3; Rapid Eye Movement revisited;
      plus a century of jazz on record and a bluffer's guide to Japanese pop
      Live: a feast of electronics in New York featuring Morton Subotnick, Tony
      Conrad and Pauline Oliveros; La Monte Young and friends celebrate Richard
      Maxfield and Terry Jennings downtown; Magma, Ryoji Ikeda and
      :zoviet*france: on London's South Bank; John Zorn's Masada at the Barbican
      *On sale now, price £3.10

      The latest in our exclusive series of FREE CDs is ONLY available to
      subscribers along with this issue. Exclusively compiled by The Wire for its
      readers, the disc is packed to the gills with 77 minutes of cutting edge
      music. 17 tracks by: Labradford (Matmos remix), Stephen Vitiello,
      Vainio/Vaisanen/Einheit, Kimmo Pohjonen, Wire, Stylus, John Wall, Curd
      Duca, Fennesz, O'Rourke, Rehberg, I'm Sore vs Noise Camp, Daniel Givens,
      Arne Nordheim, Yo La Tengo, Vert, Aesop Quartet, Mira Calix and Fushitsusha
      The only way to get your hands on this trailblazing collection of new music
      is by subscribing to the magazine. In addition, you'll get THREE extra
      issues free when you join up: see below for further details

      Every month in the year 2000 The Wire broadcasts a selection of music from
      the latest issue on the Dutch radio station Die Concertzender. The
      programme, 'Pakrammel', can be heard every fourth Wednesday of the month
      (10-11pm), and repeated the following Monday (4-5pm). The station is also
      broadcast over the Web.
      *De Concertzender: http://www.concertzender.nl

      >>WIRE PEOPLE<<

      DAVID TOOP curates the SONIC BOOM exhibition opening at London's Hayward
      Gallery on 27 April. Running until 18 June, Sonic Boom will contain a
      massive survey of sound art today, featuring works by Lee Ranaldo, Brian
      Eno, Christian Marclay, Max Eastley, Scanner, Disinformation, Christina
      Kubisch, Ryoji Ikeda, Angela Bulloch and many other living artists and
      *Hayward Gallery: http://www.hayward-gallery.org.uk/

      >>LIVE EVENTS<<

      INTERFERENCE Relaunched!
      Launched in March 1998, INTERFERENCE is an acclaimed series of themed
      forums, co-hosted by The Wire magazine and The Lux Centre, encompassing
      talks, screenings, live music and sound demonstrations. The events have
      provided a rare opportunity to engange in discussions and presentations
      with a host of influential sound artists and thinkers. Now a second series
      is set to relaunch this April with two unique nights of new music.

      1) Thursday 6 April 9pm
      Terre Thaemlitz
      An evening of talk and performance in the presence of the world's only
      transgendered composer (Comatonse, Mille Plateaux), who mixes sexual
      politics with ravishing electroacoustique sounds

      2) Thursday 27 April 7pm
      Brandon LaBelle
      A multimedia performance mapping urban noisefields and lower case music
      with the Los Angeles-based sound artist. LaBelle is one half of soundscape
      duo id battery, and recently co-edited the book Site Of Sound with fellow
      musician Steve Roden

      Venue: The Lux Centre, 2-4 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU
      Tickets: £6/£3 booking: 020 7684 0201
      For further info call Anne Hilde Neset @ The Wire: 020 7439 6422

      AUXILIARY (Oslo, Norway)
      The Wire's weekly collaborative promotion with the Oslo club Blaa continues
      through March and April: Monolake (2 March), Alog & Jazzkammer (9), Phono
      and Bugge Wesseltoft (16), Nood (23), Scion vs Tikiman (30), Vladislav
      Delay, Mapstation and D (6 April), Information Release (13), Kid-606,
      Lesser, CK Dexterhaven and Bob Mills (20), Otomo Yoshihide (27)

      Since April 98, we have compiled five volumes of The Wire Tapper, a free CD
      given away as a special gift to all our subscribers. These CDs feature a
      wide cross section of the music and artists featured in the magazine. When
      you take out a new subscription this month, we'll present you with ALL FIVE
      Wire Tapper CDs - a bumper five-hour, 80 track survey of all that's good
      and great in alternative sound.
      Alternatively, you can claim three extra issues (so you'll get 15 copies
      for the price of 12, making an outstanding saving of over 30 per cent of
      the shop price) and still get Wire Tapper 4 and 5
      *For details, check the Subscribe page on our Website
      Or e-mail: subs.wire@...


      Complete articles from issues no longer available; contents of each month's
      magazine; links to hundreds of artists, labels, mail order outlets, music
      organisations, and multimedia sites; searchable online index of Wire Back
      Issues, and much more.

      Now online in the Articles section: a typically stream-of-consciousness
      interview with Lee 'Scratch' Perry from out of print issue 135 (May 95).
      Also the complete, unedited transcript of Ken Hollings's interview with
      Karlheinz Stockhausen from issue 184 (June 99)
      Articles: *http://www.dfuse.com/the-wire/outfr.htm

      We're always adding Real Audio extracts to our virtual Free CD Gallery.
      This month there are samples from the Wire Tapper 5 compilation CD above,
      as well as from previous offers including Domino On The Wire, Gavin Bryars
      on Materiali Sonori, The Wire Tapper 4, Caipirinha's Microscopic Sound and
      David Toop's Museum Of Fruit, Luaka Bop's Tropicalia, two Sub Rosa CDs
      Hashisheen and Substantia; four extracts from Mille Plateaux's Modulation &
      Transformation 4; and two audio examples from Rhys Chatham's Wire Editions
      CD, Hard Edge
      *CD Sound Gallery: http://www.dfuse.com/the-wire/cdgaller.htm


      800 readers and music aficionados are now subscribed to thewire@onelist, a
      discussion group set up by moderator Davis Ford, independently from the
      magazine, where all kinds of issues relating to non-mainstream music
      covered in The Wire can be discussed, records reviewed and offered for
      trade, opinions shared and disputed, etc etc. You can opt to receive the
      list in digest format.
      *To join, simply point your Web browser to:


      Plug into the office ambience in the presence of The Wire's imaginatively
      named DJ team...

      WSS HOTLIST (01.03.2000)

      Kenneth Gaburo - Tape Play (Pogus)
      Steve Roden - Radio (Sonoris)
      Kid-606 - And Friends (Tigerbeat 6)
      Martin Rev - Strangeworld (Sahko)
      Chicks On Speed - Will Save Us All (Chicks On Speed)
      Arovane - Atol Scrap (DIN/Arovane)
      Antipop Consortium - Tragic Epilogue (75 Ark)
      Jackie-O Motherfucker - Fig 5 (Road Cone)
      Dafeldecker/Kurzmann/Fennesz/O'Rourke/Drumm/Siewert (Charhizma)
      Alva Noto - Prototypes (Mille Plateaux)
      Coil - Astral Disaster (Threshold House)
      Dean Roberts - And The Black Moths Play The Grand Cinema (Ritornell)
      Spectre - The End (Wordsound)
      Various - Sonig Comp (Sonig)
      Patti Smith - Gung Ho (Arista)

      Enquiries c/o The Wire: details below...


      THE WIRE Magazine: Adventures In Modern Music
      45-46 Poland Street London W1V 3DF UK
      Tel: +44 (0)20 7439 6422 Fax: +44 (0)20 7287 4767
      E-mail: the_wire@...
      Web: http://www.dfuse.com/the-wire
      Subscriptions: +44 (0)20 7734 3555 subs.wire@...
      Ads: +44 (0)20 7494 1340 ads.wire@...
    • Ernest Salaz
      I was so disturbed but also entranced seriously about the Beach Boys: An American Tradition on NBC American TV, Nothing but Crap, I cannot lie to
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 2, 2000
        I was so disturbed but also entranced
        seriously about "the Beach Boys: An American Tradition"
        on NBC American TV,
        Nothing but Crap,

        I cannot lie to thee,.......

        The first night was so good...just like Brian wanted us to be.
        I was sometimes fearful of my desire to punch my TV.
        "Ah Uh ah Uh, ah uh uh...ah UH AH uh..." squirm in the eyes of God.
        I was not bent on the world to me...

        I went through all kinds of changes and said "That's not me."
        But I was dreaming...too many fucking beers after a shitty
        day at motherfucking work! Fuck! Shitty!

        So I'm just thinking its time to get off........
        the computer.......'
        of my
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