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2/12 Playlist: Pushing The Envelope-WHUS/Storrs, Connecticut (USA)

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  • joelkru@aol.com
    Greetings! Welcome to this week s playlist for the 2/12 edition of Pushing The Envelope - Music Decidedly Left of Center. If you go to the WHUS web-site
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2000

      Welcome to this week's playlist for the 2/12 edition of "Pushing The
      Envelope - Music Decidedly Left of Center. If you go to the WHUS web-site
      (http://whusfm.saup.uconn.edu/) you can get all the information you need to
      check out "Pushing The Envelope" and all the other fine programming on 91.7
      FM - WHUS, the radio station of the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

      "Pushing The Envelope" airs on Saturday afternoons from 3 to 5 PM
      (FYI, London: 8-10 PM/Tel Aviv: 10-12 PM/Hong Kong: Sunday: 3-5 AM/Sydney:
      5-7 AM). It continues it's mission of presenting the best of avant-garde
      classical, rock, jazz, ambient, electronic, along with a healthy dollop of
      new and classic progressive rock (i.e., King Crimson, Boud Deun, Gentle Giant,

      As always, I'm constantly looking for new music to air. (Please
      note, all playlists are posted to the progressive rock, ambient, electronic,
      exotic, and contemporary classical music newsgroups, the Wire, Prog4U, and
      avant-progressive mailists, and in addition to all that, e-mailed to you.)

      If you have something that you'd like to share with our listeners
      (Yes, I DO play cassettes and DATs!), please sent it along to:

      Joel Krutt / WHUS
      Pushing The Envelope
      University of Connecticut
      Box U-8R
      Storrs, CT 06269

      e-mail: joelkru@...

      Thanks for checking out the list!
      'Til next time,

      2/12/00 Playlist: Pushing The Envelope

      ~Bottle At Park - Toshiya Tsunoda - Extract From Field Recording Archive #2:
      The Air Vibration Inside A Hollow - Hapna (1999) <http://www.hapna.com>

      ~Uplifting from "Passion" - Jim Cole & Spectral Voices - Sky - pre-release
      CDR/Spectral Spiral Music (2000) <http://www.compsol.net/users/jimcole>

      ~Little Buddha - Ryuichi Sakamoto - Cinemage - Sony Classical (1999)

      ~Watery Glass Planet (pt.3) - Luke Vibert/BJ Cole - Stop The Panic -
      Astralwerks (2000) <http://www.astralwerks.com>

      ~Soil Of Contentment - Second Sufis - Seven Rays - self-release (1999)

      ~Both Ends Burning - Roxy Music - Siren - Atlantic (1975)

      ~The Normal Heart Sound - Stephen Ettinger, D.V.M. - Canine Heart Sounds -
      EVSCO Pharmaceuticals

      ~Pastoral Symphony (1960) - Richard Maxfield - The Oak Of The Golden Dreams:
      The Music of Richard Maxfield & Harold Budd - New World (1999)

      ~Piece For Tape Recorder (1956) - Vladimir Ussachevsky - Early
      Modulations/Vintage Volts - Caipirinha (1999) <http://www.caipirinha.com>

      ~Vista Clara - Lawrence Casserley - labyrinths - Sargasso (1999)

      ~ARC - A Real Creeper - Spirits Burning - New Worlds By Design - Gazul (1999)

      ~Diversion - Sam Rosenthal - Before The Buildings Fell - Projekt (2000)

      ~Ecloga VIII - composer: Krzyztof Penderecki/vocals: The Kings Singers -
      Contemporary Collection - MMG (1975)

      ~Unchained Melody - The Jethros - Love Musix - Rumblestiltskin Sound FX
      Design (1999) <e-mail: rumble@...>

      ~Winnie The Pooh & The Heffalump - narrator: James Stewart/music: Norman
      Leyden & Henri Rene - The Little Engine That Could & Winnie The Pooh Stories
      - Camden (1960)

      ~One Swell Foop - Tony Stoufer - One Swell Foop - Absolute Obscurity (1999)

      ~Was There? - Allan Holdsworth - Road Games - Warner Bros. (1983)

      ~Predator Feast - Adrian Belew - Coming Attractions - Thirsty Ear (2000)
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