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Fw: [onelist_moderators] ONElist Upgrade Report

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  • Davis Ford
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 1998
      FYI, looks like the list will be down for awhile tonight and tomorrow:

      >We are continuing the system-wide upgrade of ONElist. We recently added
      >additional mail capacity to ensure that email will not be delayed. The
      >next step in the upgrade will happen over two nights, Friday August 7th
      >and Saturday August 8th. For this part of the upgrade we will have to
      >take the ONElist system off-line for approximately 8 hours each night,
      >starting at 6pm Pacific Time. Email that is sent during this time will
      >be queued up and delivered once the system is back on-line.
      >This is the second to last step of the upgrade process. We appreciate
      >your patience during our upgrades.
      >Thanks for using ONElist.
      >The ONElist Team
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