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    From: jonnyharris Subject: cock esp ... We Mean It This Time is a CD release, not sure if blackbean & placenta
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      From: jonnyharris <jonnyharris@...>
      Subject: cock esp

      >cock esp i havent heard them but they have a new lp out called we mean
      >it this time and recorded an lp with merzbow

      We Mean It This Time is a CD release, not sure if blackbean & placenta
      pressed vinyl.
      The original recordings with Merzbow happened quite some time ago, at
      least 5 years,
      originally released on Fusetron as a 7". What you speak of (a Cd not
      Lp), is the reissue of that 7" plus a new collaborative track done this
      or last year.

      alsodue out is a new VHS entitled Cock E.S.P. & friends, featuring tracks
      by them, as well as The Laundry Room Squelchers, New Port, late, etc.
      quite likely a TL&SLA track!

      Cock E.S.P. sound originate from manic harsh/violent noise released on
      tapes through the early 90's on labels such as Scum, BWCD, Chocolate
      Monk, E.F., etc/ their live performance were infamous for two guys
      flailing their bodies around and smashing everything in sight. not
      novel, but again, after seeing band after band make crap boring music,
      it's quite nice to have someone doing this as a musical presentation.
      over ther years, esp. in the last few, they've been tinkering with black
      metal, hardcore techno, as well as field recordings of fights after their
      shows, or fights of daily life. Cock E.S.P. has collaborated with the
      likes of Harry Pussy to Brokebox.

      you can find more out about cock e.s.p. and related activities at
      which also houses the sites for To Live & Shave in Laura Ashley, Betley
      Welcomes Careful Drivers, Spite, Blackbean & Placenta, SunShip, FF,
      Rexor, Wrong, Richard Saenz (Richard Ramirez psuedo name for his Fashion
      Line), etc.

      enclosed find a picture of TL&SLA live in NYC. remember when Tom Smith
      used to be in Pussy Galore...

      m st-germain
      "I read all my email, dickhead...!!!" - John Vance of Sunship
      http://freenoise.org/freedom/index.html [picture is not of me]
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