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Fat Cat / Diskono in GU Guardian

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  • Peter Laffect
    Clipped from Glasgow University campus paper GU Guardian : Penned by Ross Goutcher Strange sounds are emanating from the bowels of the 13th Note Café. A small
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1999
      Clipped from Glasgow University campus paper GU Guardian :

      Penned by Ross Goutcher

      Strange sounds are emanating from the bowels of the 13th Note Caf�. A small
      group of like-minded individuals have gathered in the tiny basement of the
      King Street haunt to pass on information and co-ordinate future plans.

      Tonight is Diskono's first foray into Glaswegian territory. On descent into
      the basement one immediately realises that this is going to be a night quite
      unlike any other. For a start there's the donation box please give
      generously to further the Diskono cause. On payment of a pound you're
      furnished with a mix-tape which comprises of radio static, half realised
      conversations in a foreign language, fractured, full-force breakbeats and
      irregular sampling experiments. It's far, far better than it sounds. At
      point of entry Diskono's manifesto literature is also available.
      Pamphlets entitled 'Scotland: A Culture of Fine Art???', are sat next to
      leaflets castigating government funding of elitist bodies like Scottish
      Ballet and Scottish Opera. What makes this night so special, however, is the
      feeling that, finally, you're part of something. For too long popular
      culture has been about homogenous clubs that treat the individual as if
      they're no better than cattle. Diskono provide the chance for you to get
      involved at the most basic level. So, the set up for the night includes DJs,
      live sonic manipulation from Antenna Farm and two 'open-access' decks
      situated next to a large pile of records. It's here that the audience become
      performers as they 'personalise' various pieces of kitsch, and rare club
      classics, with lighters and Stanley knives. Once placed on the decks these
      records jump around in seemingly random patterns, creating complex,
      undulating rhythms that only start making sense somewhere in the middle of
      your head.
      "Figures, conventional relics, beautifully-crafted, adored, more adorable,
      have undressed, the individual artist has consumed an unexpected result,"
      screams one Diskono flyer. It's amazing how eager people are to destroy
      Fatcat's Antenna Farm provide a focal point for tonight's dissent. Their
      rhythmical, textural flow of shards of sound is created using decks,
      samplers, CD-J players, and laptop computers. Behind them is gathered a
      sizeable crowd, examining exactly what's going on, and getting 'hands on'
      themselves. This is definitely not the land of the superstar DJ. If Pete
      Tong left his record collection here it would probably be returned smashed
      into pieces and glued back together in some random order. It would probably
      sound a hell of a lot better as well.
      Thankfully we'll soon be hearing a lot more from Diskono in Glasgow. The
      13th Note is now going to play host to regular nights from this
      musical/political/artistic collective. Littered about the floor of the venue
      are flyers advertising a night on the 18th of November featuring Felix
      Kubin. "Felix Kubin," the flyers declare, "might very well be the most
      important clairvoyant for the now incorporeal cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, whose
      phantasmagorical concepts are telepathically transmitted through Herr Kubin
      as desolate and futuristic electronic compositions." What other delights
      they've got in store for us, and precisely what part we have to play in it
      all, is a subject on which we can only speculate. Thus I'll finish in the
      words of Diskono - "The gods love Scottish art, the new unemployment line,
      one which declares to the world how to BOOM!!"
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