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Anubis Rising

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  • Mark Coyle
    Hi all, someone mentioned recent acquisitions. So I thought I d list some recent ones to give us something to discuss. There are quite a few of various
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 1998
      Hi all,

      someone mentioned recent acquisitions. So I thought I'd list some recent
      ones to give us something to discuss. There are quite a few of various
      types, I hope people find it useful. I welcome people's own views or people
      recommending other musics I might enjoy. So apart from the John Oswald
      already mentioned here we are :

      Paul Schutze - Site Anubis
      - like jazz and world music taken apart and put back together as the
      soundtrack to a desert journey

      Bruce Gilbert - In Esse
      - uncompromising processed noise, no concessions to music. Innovative but
      difficult to grasp. Not really sat down with it and got through to the end

      Robert Fripp - The Gates Of Paradise
      - Studio and live music side by side, amazing sheets of melody and noise
      weave all from one guitar

      Craig Armstrong - The Space Between Us
      - Gorgeous modern orchestral music with subtle dance music integrated.
      "This Love" with Liz Faser is beautiful and is the natural progression of
      her Massive Attack work. "Let's Go Out Tonight" is an orchestral remake of
      the Blue Nile song with Paul Buchanan from the group on vocals. Simply
      incredible and very moving.

      Karlheniz Stockhausen - Kontakte
      - Structured noises and effects in a symphony of process. Made in 1960 this
      is still quite unacceptable to most ears which must be a good thing.

      Gavin Bryars - Sinking Of The Titantic / Jesus Blood Never Failed Me
      - Recent release of the original versions on one CD. If anything sadder
      than the later revisited versions. Haunting and very moving indeed.

      Final -2
      - Dark ambient drones from a post-industrial perspective. Unsettling.

      Karlheinz Stockhausen - Gruppen
      Gyorgy Kurtag - Grabstein Fur Stephan - Stele
      - Many orchestras playing at once with massive swoops of music then delicate

      Bruce Gilbert - Ab Ovo
      Occasionally very lovely, very occasionally. Otherwise, grinding processed
      noises which I imagine would ultimately drive you mad.

      Paul Schutze - New Maps Of Hell
      Paul Schutze - New Maps Of Hell 2
      - Not at all as the titles suggest. Great ambient drones, rhythm oriented
      pieces and sheets of sound created from processed bells, gongs and
      percussion. Not as minimalist as Thomas Koner.

      FSOL - ISDN
      Live music played over phone lines. I had always been wary of FSOL until
      recently due to a view that their music was merely samples overlaid (I can't
      even remember why I objected, I love sample based music). Anyway, having
      explored their whole set of recordings I am wrong. There is a lot more
      going on than I had thought and a lot more direct involvement in the
      compositions. Distant, hazy music that sounds like it was beamed from the
      ghetto in a William Gibson book.

      Timothy Leary & Ah Ra Tempel - Seven Up
      Very disappointing, Leary tries to sing and buries himself dead in the mix,
      the mix vears between german rock, blues, new age and space music. Not

      Insides - Clear Skin
      Enjoyable composition of pulsing rhyhtms and ambience evolving over time.

      Negativland - Ipsdesip
      Occasionally inspired parody of coke/pepsi advertising. Sometimes comes too
      close to the subject it is parodying. Negativland real "songs" do not fill
      me with delight, sample and tape based chaos, do.

      Robin Rimbaud - The Garden Is Full Of Metals
      The Scanner artist's tribute to Derek Jarman but don't expect a sentimental
      journey. This is full of waves of abrasive sound, shifting ambience, voices
      coming from and going to nowhere. As enigmatic as you would hope.

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