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  • Andrew Grant
    Stopped in at Other Music yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff: Martin Tetreault - La Nuit ou j ai dit non I m always on the lookout for artists that make
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 1998
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      Stopped in at Other Music yesterday and bought a bunch of stuff:

      Martin Tetreault - La Nuit ou j'ai dit non
      I'm always on the lookout for artists that make music with sampled material (a
      la Tom Recchion, John Oswald, David Shea). Somewhere on the net I read about
      this guy, and I was happy to find it. In the liner notes he gives a complete
      list of records sampled and equipment used. It's not a bad disc, but not as
      melodic as those mentioned above, given that most of the material sampled is
      rather 'difficult' to begin with (i.e., Morton Subotnick, Pierre Henry, Bengt
      Hambraeus). Still, a good CD that will probably grow on me with repeated

      V/A - Royalties Overdue (Mo Wax)
      I can not tell you how long I have been looking for this compilation! This is
      the first (I think) Mo Wax compilation, dating from 1994. I remember hearing
      some tracks back then and being completely blown away. Great tracks by DJ
      Shadow, DJ Krush, DJ Takemura, Marden Hill, La Funk Mob, etc. Highly
      recommended 2CD collection.

      High Llamas - Tour Single
      This was a single they were selling at their shows this year. Simply stated, I
      think this is the greatest band in the world right now, and I will and do buy
      anything that Sean O'Hagen contributes to. Which brings me to my next

      Laila Amezian - Initial
      Don't know anything about who she is, but I saw that Sean O'Hagen is on one
      track so I snatched it up. It turns out to be her interpretations of songs by
      Louis Phillipe (whom I also don't know). It is pure French pop at its best,
      though I think she herself is not French. Much better than recent purchases by
      Hardy or Gall.

      DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World (single)
      CD single with three versions of this song.

      DJ Cam - The Beat Assassinated
      I was a bit disappointed by this one. I have two other CDs by him, Underground
      Live Act and Mad Blunted Jazz and I think those are great. This CD has much
      more straightforward hip-hop, with rappers I've never heard of. It's not bad,
      but not beautiful like the other two.

      Money Mark - Mark's Keyboard Repair (Mo Wax)
      Bought this second hand. I had never heard of him, but I figured you can't go
      wrong with Mo Wax. It's a solo album, with Mark playing all sorts of keyboards.
      It's very old-school type funk, with some neat beats thrown in. The sound
      quality, however, is pretty shitty.

      Pulp - This Is Hardcore (single)
      Three new mixes of this song, including one by Stock, Hausen and Walkman.
      Something about this song I just adore. Six minutes with a lot going on.

      Global Communication - 76:14
      The folks on rec.music.ambient are always raving about this, so I picked it up.
      Good, pretty, ambient works -- not new-agey. Kind of like Aphex Twin's SAW II.

      Bye for now! (Off to Germany tomorrow for a week. Hope to find some cool stuff
      whilst there.)
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