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    In a message dated 98-07-03 12:18:37 EDT, skronkpop@hotmail.com writes:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 1998
      In a message dated 98-07-03 12:18:37 EDT, skronkpop@... writes:

      << Anyway, one recommendation for you in the "found sound" category of
      Negativeland, Scanner, et. al., is Steve Fisk. He is probably best known
      for his production work with Northwest US bands (Screaming Trees,
      Nirvana, Beat Happening, et.al.), and as a member of the underrated
      instrumental combo Pell Mell. >>

      He is also half of Pigoenhed, which I believe we have had someone on the list
      mention as a recommendation. Fisk is someone who has kept busy although his
      production for famous grungites seems to be his public face. His musical
      contributions are varied and always interesting.

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