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    Well after a few days on the list I can see what s what and I m impressed, already some useful info - I was wondering why I couldn t find the new Autechre in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 1998
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      Well after a few days on the list I can see what's what and I'm impressed,
      already some useful info - I was wondering why I couldn't find the new
      Autechre in the shops. Anyway as an exercise in overcoming my inherent
      isolationism here's a quick profile of me and my works. I'm an oppressed
      London bookshop worker and in "spare" time I've written a thesis on Laibach
      (I'm one of the the unrepentant "eighties diehard industrialists" dissed for
      liking Panacea in last autumn's "Wire" review of Neubauten's Ende Neu
      remixes), I'm also slowly recording some stuff with a friend. As the list'll
      show I'm a maximalist in terms of taste - anything hard, dynamic, innovative
      and electronic (plus contemp classical). There is no contradiction between a
      dynamic Gorecki piece and some dynamic Disko B type techno for instance.
      Maximalism annexes all that is vital.

      Current Listening:

      V/A Chill Out (Sabotage 30) Great Wolf based pastiche of the original KLF
      artwork and some fine experimental/noise tracks specially Fennesz and Alois
      Huber who with F. Manual produced one of the few non-kitsch tracks on
      "Viennatone" (React)

      KLF Chill Out - amazingly quiet and subtle mastering, even if you find some
      of the sampled tunes over-kitsch.

      Panacea - Twisted Designz. I still don't find it as monumental a work as
      "Low Profile Darkness" but its definitely growing on me and I hope he hasn't
      peaked too soon.

      Plastikman - Consumed. How could we doubt him?.

      DJ 6666 feat. The Illegals (DHR) When I saw this I was wary, thinking it
      might be another "Flex Busterman" (the one huge blemish on DHR's record) but
      no the opener is a real brutal DHR breakcore thrash and is followed by some
      fine experimental tracks like Christoph De Babalon but with more life.

      iO - ASDR another of my secondhand "finds" but one I'd been "meaning" to
      track down for ages. Pulsinger, Tunakan et al produce a surprisingly hard
      and fast technoid counterpart to Pulsinger's "Porno" over 90 mins. Anyone
      going to see Pulsinger and Tunakan at the Blue Note next week?

      Bold Bob - Bold Bob II (Kotzaak, Hamburg). Dark, exhilirating and expertly
      produced concussive drum tracks. Before you dis this as just "mindless
      Gabber" etc, check Simon Reynolds' excellent article in the new Wire.

      Tomito Satori EP (can't remember the label) Hard minimal techno that doesn't
      descend into over tasteful formulas and is unafraid of subverting tempos and
      leaving a raw quality.

      Anyone heard the recent B.P. Service/Tone Casualties material - I saw the
      review but think it was probably a bit biased. Anyone else on similar

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