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Re: Justin Bennett

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  • Brian Duguid
    ... According to the latest Staalplaat newsletter (they re at staal@euronet.nl): More and more Staalplaat reached it s final limit as with regard to
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      > From: Anna Clare McDuff <psp01acm@...>
      > His work sounds *so* intriguing... I've been trying to track
      > something of his down since Clive Bell's recent brief but glowing review
      > of the Mosques of Tangier, but I still haven't found any sign of his work
      > in record shops, though I understand you can order his cds from Staalplaat
      > in Holland if you are willing to hand over lots and lots of money :-)

      According to the latest Staalplaat newsletter (they're at staal@...):

      "More and more Staalplaat reached it's final limit as with regard to
      distribution. We have now come to the point that we really need to pass
      them by. No more of this. We urge everyone who receives this information,
      to buy directly from us. Don't waste anymore time in stores, asking the
      sleepy eyed sales men behind the counter for the latest Staalplaat release.
      They don't know, and they don't care, never have never will."

      Regards -

      Brian D
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