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Re: monk / hyperborean

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  • Hans Stoeve
    ben wrote ... if you can check out the interview she did with geoff smith and nicola walker smith in new voices...american composers talk about their music
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1998
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      ben wrote
      >meredith monk - i was suitably intrigued by annas passionate rantings
      >(in the nicest possible way) that i purchased a copy of 'do you be' (ecm
      >records, 1987? ...etc

      if you can check out the interview she did with geoff smith and nicola
      walker smith in new voices...american composers talk about their music
      amadeus press
      >also am currently listening to an ecm sampler from 1997 'selected signs'
      >great track by arild andersen, paolo vinaccia and the cikada
      >string quartet from an album called 'hyperborean'...etc

      Arild Andersen- Hyperborean (ECM 1631)
      A very under rated bass player if ever there was one. Think of great bass
      players and names like Eberhard Weber &Jaco Pastorius spring immediately to
      my mind but most people when you mention Andersen will go "huh?".Past
      credits have included an album of Norwegian folk music entitled Sagn,
      recorded in 1990 as well as an album with Ralph Towner, Nana Vasconcelos
      and Audun Kleive (drummer with Terje Rypdal) entitled If You Look Far
      Enough. His band Masqualero has also recorded on the ECM label. With
      Hyperborean you again get this immediate sense of Nordic music of a very
      high standard, though I believe it was Andersen's intention to prove that
      there is more to Nordic music than say someone like Garbarek. But it's hard
      not to think of great Nordic gods like Terje Rypdal and Jan Garbarek when
      you hear this. The music contained here (like a lot of the ECM catalog) is
      mesmerising, expressionistic and film like in content.This is something
      that seems to be coming up time and time again and makes me wonder which
      direction Manfred Eicher is heading in. Still have no doubt, the man still
      has great vision and clarity and this is obvious in yet another great
      recording. Andersen's style recollects another great ECM player, one sadly
      not as prolific as he used to be in his musical outpourings- Eberhard
      Weber. Similar styles, that rounded way of playing the notes as well as the
      inclusion of strings to give the music a sense of space and lightness.
      Lovely stuff. It would have been great to hear someone like Rypdal on this,
      as well as David Darling, but on it's own it stands the test of time,
      basically that of repeated listenings. Most of the tracks were commissioned
      by the Norwegian Molde Festival back in 1995. Listening to it time and time
      again as of late, I can't help but think that Norwegian music per se owes a
      lot to musicians like Garbarek and Rypdal, who have in ways educated us all
      to this particular style of world music / jazz. On this recording Andersen
      employs a string quartet as well as pianist Kenneth Knudsen , himself known
      for his work with large scale orchestras. What you end up with is an album
      of accessible jazz that is at times sparse and cold and other times full of
      the joy of life. Strong melodies, great arrangements and another reason for
      exploring the ECM label in more detail.

      will bore all of you with a review i did awhile back...beautiful album
      btw..don't hesitate to buy / steal / borrow

      regards from oz


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