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Kaisern ohne Kleidung

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  • Colin Meeder
    ... That would have been me. ... Look for my letter published in the WIRE a few months back. You may reconsider that statement. ... Annual ... lab ... Except,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 1998
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      Anna wrote:

      > I can't remember who it was who complained about the Wire's
      >failure to point out naked emporers:

      That would have been me.

      >but you'll really enjoy Biba Kopf's

      Look for my letter published in the WIRE a few months back. You may
      reconsider that statement.

      >splendidly choleric review of the London Music Collective's Seventh
      >Festival of Experimental Music... he says it made him empathise with
      >rats.... But give him his due, he reserves his praise for those he felt
      >deserved it: Maggie Nichols, Stefan Jaworzyn, Pauline Oliveras, and
      >Chalemagne Palestine....

      Except, oh dear, in my opinion there's at least one very nekkid person
      in that batch. (There's depth, and then there's deep sleep...)

      > There's also a very interesting exchange between Don Byron & the
      >Wire on the letters page... food for thought.

      I look forward to reading this, if only because I thought that was one
      of the lamest interviews I have ever read in any magazine. Too timid to
      challenge Byron on anything during the course of the interview, too
      intimidated to state the obvious ("maybe some critics don't like you
      because your records are like a series of merely adequate essays handed
      in by a student who appears brilliant"), the interviewer allowed Byron
      to rant against -- whom? An American music press who praise him as a
      jazz genius and revolutionary and ignore folks like William Parker? A
      British music press who ignore him utterly? The milquetoast interviewer
      himself, who barely uttered a word (if we are to judge by the article as
      it appeared in the WIRE)?

      Yeah, I look forward to reading that.

      Colin Meeder

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