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50 minutes of new & early music in DC

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  • Tom Bickley
    improviseD chambeR musiC foR recorderS anD electronicS performed by Tom Bickley, with Joe Zitt Wednesday 9 June 1999 8 - 8:50 pm Washington Art-O-Matic (main
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 1999
      improviseD chambeR musiC foR recorderS anD electronicS
      performed by Tom Bickley, with Joe Zitt

      Wednesday 9 June 1999 8 - 8:50 pm
      Washington Art-O-Matic (main stage)
      1346-1348 Florida Av NW
      Washington, DC
      open to the public, donation requested

      Composer/performer Tom Bickley presents a program of early and new music
      for recorders, other winds, and electronics. Spanning the years 1200-1999,
      improvisation is a critical element in each of the pieces on the program.
      Included are the first DC performances of the solo version of Pauline
      Oliveros' "In Consideration of the Earth" (composed for Tom Bickley and
      Norman Lowrey), Bickley's "Issa & Basho" and "The Listening Room" (in a
      new version with poet Joe Zitt). A new piece, "Temporal Divisions of an
      English Nightengale," combines a 17th century melody and digital delay to
      create a sonic aviary.

      Tom Bickley (vocals, recorders, didjeridoo, electronics, etc.) studied
      Gregorian chant and other medieval music, and African American sacred
      music. He is certified by Pauline Oliveros to teach the meditative improv
      techniques of Deep Listening(TM). In addition to his work with Joe Zitt
      and Matt Davis in Comma, he has performed with Pauline Oliveros, Anne
      LeBaron, the Denison/Kimball Trio, the Scratch Orchestra and others. His
      compositions have been performed in concert and on radio in his native
      Texas, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Maryland, Washington, DC and
      Germany. His work is available on CD on Quarterstick (DK3s Neutrons) and
      MetatronPress (Comma's (voices)), and in privately issued CDs by
      composer/performer Norman Lowrey (riverdream through us and spiritdream,
      both with Pauline Oliveros). In DC he teaches at Capitol Hill Arts
      Workshop and assists with the multicultural liturgical music at St.
      Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church.

      Joe Zitt (text and vocals) performs with Tom Bickley in the trio Comma. He
      studied electronic and ethnic music at Rutgers University and cantorial
      music (briefly) at Yeshiva University. His texts and music have been
      performed across the United States, and his book "Shekhinah: The Presence"
      was published by Metatron Press. He founded and manages Silence: the
      Internet John Cage Mailing List, and develops technologies for human
      empowerment near Washington, DC. Zitt's works are available on CD from
      Metatron Press (Commas (voices) and the upcoming release feldMorph),
      "Gentle Entropy" on DAM (www.mp3.com) and the privately issued "Yes,
      That's My Real Name (and other stories)".

      For more information, please contact Tom Bickley via email
      (tbickley@...) or telephone (202 546 1477).

      Coming Wed. 30 June 1999: Summer Deep Listening (TM) on Capitol Hill, an
      evening workshop led by Tom Bickley at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
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