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Muslimgauze comments.

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  • The Edge
    ...The Edge Greetings, I ve been a subscriber to this list for a long time but have never contributed anything before. I ve always enjoyed this list and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 1999
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      ...The Edge


      I've been a subscriber to this list for a long time but have never
      contributed anything before. I've always enjoyed this list and the
      contributions to it and found them to be an interesting addition to my
      monthly issue of The Wire.

      I've been following the discussions about Muslimgauze with great interest,
      I'm responsible for the Muslimgauze site so it's a topic close to home. I
      also liked Bryn very much and found him to be a very, surprisingly, shy and
      quite person. I still miss him very much and find it quite fascinating that
      much like many other "artists" there is a great deal more discussion about
      him and his works now then when he was alive.

      I don't want to get into a big discussion or defence of his political
      beliefs as I think a lot of the comments that have been made here have been
      pretty well thought out and that everyone is allowed their own opinions. I
      know I didn't totally agree with the vehemence with which Bryn held some of
      his beliefs but I have to give him a great deal of credit for helping me to
      gain different perspectives. He would always say that the best he could hope
      for is that people would listen to the music and look into the events, that
      spawned it, on their own and not just take the standard Western media line
      for everything.

      There was a mention by someone regarding the Israeli newspaper item about
      Muslimgauze. We have the newspaper and are hoping to finally have a
      translation of it in the near future. This will appear on the site
      (Pretentious.Net/Muslimgauze). A number of people from the Muslimgauze
      mailing list have undertaken this project but it will take some time.

      Another point that was mentioned was that of Bryn's music being blacklisted
      in the US market. I really don't think it was a great conscious undertaking
      by any major "force" other than the fact that the distributors, of the day,
      had very little interest in anything that wasn't going to make them gobs of
      money. Therefore no one wanted his stuff. He was also putting out all of his
      recordings on his own labels and unfortunately it was around the time of the
      collapse of a number of the UK independent distributors. He had a deal with
      one of these, Red Rhino as I recall, and when they went under Bryn almost
      had to quit recording. In stepped the boys at Staalplaat and Soleilmoon and
      "so the legend was born". It should also be pointed out that contrary to
      some of the comments on this list Bryn began recording in 1982. The
      recordings remarked upon being from the 1990 and on period would most likely
      have been fairly easily located as Extreme and then Soleilmoon and
      Staalplaat have managed to get their products out through a pretty decent
      number of sources.

      Thanks to all for providing this forum and for all the interesting and
      insightful comments.

      Keeping the faith.

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