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house of dubois/speedranch

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  • GASK
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 1999
      <<<<ps is anyone in the least bit concerned that some of this digital
      type electronica has only one idea and an attention span of about five
      seconds. Will it not, in the same way that 1997's favourite genre 'space
      rock' now sound utterly irrelevant and vacuous. We can all sit about and
      move to the sounds of DJ Scud and Speedranch et al now, but what happens
      when we all get bored. When do the opportunistic charlatans ie Buckethead
      arrive .
      bob mills (house of dubois)>>>>

      there is no genre 'digital discharge electronica'. who are you trying to
      pigeonhole with VVM? DHR, Trash? the noise scene??

      The majority of related artists are overtly political -- speedranch is not.
      they are quite often very talented -- speedranch is not. even so, i'd
      rather listen to a 5-minute set from speedranch than the 2-hour offering
      from zoviet france (but anyway, wasnt it you who booked him for edinburgh?
      well, someone did...)
      The afore-mentioned 5-minute job from speedranch/plotkin is also more
      entertaining, more original, possibly more skilled, dare i say it more
      Relevant, than the majority of the weary "post"-rock & drab "electronica" on
      offer these days (particularly at your supposed cutting-edge edinburgh

      my point is, everyone in this so-called scene is completely unrelated &
      doing their own thing. what concerns me is your lazy attitude towards it.

      When you all get bored, listen to something else. Or go and do something
      else entirely. make the world a better place. help the poor & aged.


      Jabes Labelle
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