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  • rfaith
    noise annoys: i find Ich Schnitt Mich In Den Finger on mego unlistenable through sheer disbelief at how uninvolving it is it s akita (merzbow) with friends in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 1999
      noise annoys:
      i find
      Ich Schnitt Mich In Den Finger
      on mego unlistenable through sheer
      disbelief at how uninvolving it is
      it's akita (merzbow) with friends
      in a studio jam
      and shows how crap he is
      revealed to be
      when not 'throwing a tantrum'
      his friend's theremin playing
      is tediously grating as well

      i have a cd by namanax on release records
      called multiphase electrodynamics
      which was mastered completely beyond
      red book standards
      35 minutes of distorted static beats
      which are only made apparent for a
      few minutes, ten minutes in

      also in general
      anything with screaming on it
      frank zappa with his
      'i'm being funny/ironic now in case you were too thick too guess"

      v/a vs disinformation
      ash(rip) 4.3
      listened to via crappy earphones from cd-rom drive
      (negating much of low f hum)
      evan parker
      static hum
      door opening type sax
      soft noodling and silky drones redolent of
      windscale 2 by sq.pshr but much eerier
      prickly gestures and noise wash
      bleed into sweeping sax and static
      a ghost town kasbah
      best track in my opinion - play loud/scare your cat.
      a bit self-effacing; much of it
      obliterated by the air conditioning -
      dripping rainwater beats merge into pulsing
      high f tones, ever present hum
      all sounds transformed slowly
      (a bit like maser or haloform by main perhaps)
      an 'immersive' track that seems too short for it's own good
      (repeat play i think)
      like a jelly it wobbles nicely but doesn't go a long way
      in this environment - nice with my hands
      over my ear(phone)s - but then i can't work.
      jim o'rourke
      quiet fragmented samples
      tumbling across a tin tray
      prickles and flicks
      (like an anorexic farmers manual
      or how the hype makes pole seem w/out the dub)
      "get carter" (really) strings over guitar noise
      simon fisher turner
      chopped noise fragments
      lightning whistles
      dynamo type noise chopped into beats
      metallic synth sounds against radio noise
      cheap industrial beats (sloppy snare sound)
      swimming pool (wet resonance)/ nintendo chirrups.
      click beats
      hum (ho-hum)
      different slices of atmospheric
      noise spliced together
      raising intensity of clicks into
      geiger counter like rasping
      and back again
      pops and clicks and popsandclicksndppsnclxpclk�
      lawrence casserly
      twirling squeaky noise
      of various sorts
      (from four integrated disinformation tracks
      via max)
      have fun guessing what phenomena
      the sounds describe
      and the implications thereof
      t:un[k] systems
      quiet hum and crackles
      (hard to hear below air conditioning)
      searchlight drones phase
      in and out of audibility
      delicate metallicky/electronic vignettes
      quietly booming low f sound
      like r ikeda in an opium haze
      very background (originally an installation track)
      is a non-conventional beauty

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