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Either/Orchestra US tour dates

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  • Luigi Santosuosso
    Dear Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, The ten-piece Either/Orchestra will be hitting the road for a We Certainly Hope it s Spring mini-tour in March...
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 1999
      Dear Friends, Romans, and Countrymen,

      The ten-piece Either/Orchestra will be hitting the road for a "We Certainly
      Hope it's Spring" mini-tour in March...

      (please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think might be

      March 10 - The Kerrytown Concert Hall, Ann Arbor MI
      March 11 - Urban Institute of Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids MI
      March 12-13 - The Green Mill, Chicago
      March 14 - The Val Air Ballroom , West Des Moine IA -- FREE SHOW!!!!
      March 15 - Sumner, Iowa, Community School
      March 16 - The Mango Grill , Madison WI
      March 25 - Johnny's D's, Somerville MA
      March 28 - Brandeis U., Waltham MA

      Based in Cambridge Mass, the E/O combines many forms of jazz, latin,
      african and pop music like no other band. With three brass, three saxes,
      piano, bass, drums and congas, they have the power of a big band, the
      groove of a funk band and the jazz freedom to go anywhere the music takes

      "Wildly humorous, unfailingly propulsive, with grand ensemble writing and
      star soloists..." - Neil Tesser, Chicago Reader

      "A veritable tour de force of Jazz's wildly disparate history...the E/O
      relentllessly pay homage to the undersung and to the beautiful..." - Andy
      Bartlett, the Rocket, Seattle

      "Tons of attitude, superior chops and material, and sounds capable of
      peeling paint off the wall or creeating a delicious, tribal dance frenzy."
      - Willamette Week, Portland OR

      "A universe where jazz has no limitations." - Jon Garelick, Boston Phoenix


      Tom Halter, Colin Fisher - trumpet
      Joel Yennior - trombone
      Jaleel Shaw - alto sax
      Russ Gershon - tenor/soprano sax
      Charlie Kohlhase - baritone/alto sax
      Dan Kaufman - Fender Rhodes electric piano
      Rick McLaughlin - acoustic bass
      Harvey Wirht - drums
      Vicente Lebron - congas

      Russ Gershon
      Accurate Records
      288 Norfolk St. Cambridge MA 02139
      617-876-4600 fax: 617-876-3836
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