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    picked up couple of good mags in These Records (London) _worth checking, if you haven t already. SOUND PROJECTOR #5 : (energetic & raw writing :
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 1999
      picked up couple of good mags in These Records (London)
      _worth checking, if you haven't already. SOUND
      PROJECTOR #5 : (energetic & raw writing :
      electro-acoustic, noise, electroniKA to Jap psych, articles on
      merzbow, charlemagne palestine, chris watson, simon h fell, this heat, folk
      music, holy minimalists, sheds of reviews_minus Wire's sub-
      Pomo wank..e.g .earth collapses, buildings fall down, my hair
      is on fire etc...), 94 pages for 3 quid from BM Indefinite, London
      WC1N 3XX, NOISE GATE : nicely bound, skewed towards
      sound THEORY, Instillation & Research, articles on Fluxus,
      3D-Sound, Audio War Machinery, Virtual performance,
      issue i got was from 1998, may be a newer one, also
      3 notes PO BOX 15149, London, WC1 OHJ also DATACIDE
      #5 :(Rough Trade have it, or from B.M. JED, London, WC1N 3XX)
      's well as usual 3000 fuckepelectroniunglextreme record reviews,
      text on John Carpenter (by Break / Flow), Information War &
      Terrorism, Artuad, and a vitriolic attack (Mediation) on THE WIRE,
      Sleaze Nation, Simon Reynolds & DHR - bitchy, bitchy.......

      Jo´┐Żl Ongthorne
      (BIG DADAdiskono pre-tension Krew)
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