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Re: Mp3 downoload e mail order catalogues

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  • lino
    ... I d like to know, how it s possible to convert audio file in Mp3. I ve try Audio catalyst and Cdex ,but they don t work properly. Can someone help me?
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 28, 1999
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      > Hello! There is someone out there who can tell me
      > some sites where I can download Mp3 files of
      > post-rock, indie rock, electronica, drum & bass,
      > experimental, etc. etc.? I'm looking also for not
      > expensive and "alternative" music catalogues (on
      > line, obviously)... let me know...
      > I posted this before, and got a pretty good
      > response, so I'll post the information here again
      > for anyone interested. I set up my machine as an
      > FTP server for mp3 files, so we could trade, and
      > perhaps get a chance to hear things we otherwise
      > wouldn't, and then further investigate. I don't
      > have the bandwidth capability to make this a
      > 'trader-center' where you can get whole albums,
      > etc., nor would I want to. My intention is just
      > that there might be a song there by someone you
      > always wanted to check out, and then you could
      > upload something in return that would be
      > interesting to myself, or other people. Limiting
      > factors involve a non-static IP, 28.8 modem, and
      > the fact that it won't be constantly available.
      > If you're interested in checking it out further,
      > this document will explain how to get access:
      > http://www.msu.edu/user/forddavi/mp3.html
      > Davis
      I'd like to know, how it's possible to convert audio file in Mp3. I've
      try Audio
      catalyst and Cdex ,but they don't work properly.
      Can someone help me?

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