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  • Tomppa
    ... Albini & co. self-released The Futurist LP in -97(?). It s limited to 500 copies and given only to the friends of Shellac . It s supposed to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 1999
      GaryLeeG wrote:
      > From: "GaryLeeG" <gary@...>
      > > From: John Everall <john.sentrax@...>
      > >
      > >Wagner wasn't a Nazi....
      > >
      > >Talking of separating an artist's personality and their work, I recall
      > Steve Albini
      > >saying one of his favourite bands was Screwdriver! I think he may have been
      > trying to
      > >wind-up an NME journalist at the time...
      > >
      > This is an interesting ethical question. If someone currently making music
      > declared themselves a racist, I'm sure a lot of us would avoid their stuff
      > like the plague. But it's OK for historic figures... Does it boil down to
      > current social impact? Wagners long dead so his views can't do any harm?
      > This isn't something I've really thought about before so any points...
      > Speaking of Albini...
      > >Is there anyone out there who would be kind enough to sell me the
      > >Shellac's The Futurist LP.
      > >Tomi
      > Is this a new album? Please tell me it's better than Terraform...
      > G.

      Albini & co. self-released The Futurist LP in -97(?). It's limited to
      500 copies and given only to the "friends of Shellac".
      It's supposed to be instrumental and more improvised than their T&G
      That much I know about it.

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