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No Commercial Potential Playlist/Newsletter Feb 99 Edition

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    Hello! Welcome once again to No Commercial Potential s monthly Playlist/Newsletter. If this is your first mailing, No Commercial Potential is the weeknight
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 1999

      Welcome once again to No Commercial Potential's monthly

      If this is your first mailing, No Commercial Potential is the weeknight
      Avant Garde/Electronic/"Out There" radio programming of WZBC - FM in
      Newton Massachusetts, a Broadcast Service of Boston College. Each
      night beginning at 7PM, the programming shifts into NCP and presents
      a wide variety of new and unusual musics. Details of our schedule
      can be had by visiting our website at www.wzbc.org.

      This is the February Edition. January's edition met with much delay and
      mishap, so we are simply bringing you the February edition a bit early.
      Apologies for the delay!

      NEWS & STUFF

      It was a HUGE month for NCP this month!
      Below is our recent play/add list.

      Please remember to patronize our underwriters! They supply us with
      some of the recordings you see below.

      First and Foremost: RRRecords 23 Central Street Lowell MA
      978-454-8002. He does mail order, so all of these should
      be obtainable to you if you live far away from a decent record shop.

      Also, Newbury Comics, 16 stores throughout New England. They supply
      a much smaller number of titles to No Commercial Potential,
      though they are no less significant on our playlist.

      And thanks as well to all of the labels and artists who service us
      with their music.


      If you would like to provide us with your music for airplay,
      our address is:

      WZBC - FM
      Boston College
      107 Mc Elroy Commons
      Newton, MA 02467
      Attn: Paul Collegio, Asst MD.

      WZBC's office number is
      1 617 552 3511

      I am in the office at WZBC on Wednesday evenings from 7 - 10 PM.
      However, I can be reached via email at TamperCD@... and by cel
      phone at any time at 508 361-3834.

      No Commercial Potential Email Discussion List

      Some of you are already subscribing to our email discussion list.
      If you would like to join that, please point your browser to


      and click on the "Subscribe to this Community" link.

      You will be automatically subscribed and begin receiving mailings
      containing messages from other subscribers, including listeners
      and ZBC staff.

      Please also visit our newly updated website at


      We are continuing to update this, and photos of your favorite DJs
      are currently being included.


      Here's what our No Commercial Potential disc jockeys
      have been playing since the last list was published.

      Autechre - Peel Session (Warp)
      Ambarchi/Avenaim The Alter Rebbe's Nigun (Tzadik)
      Aube - Embers (Ant-Zen)
      Architect - Galactic Supermarket (Hymen)
      Bastard Noise / Spastic Colon - Split (Pinch A Loaf)
      Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Some Conceptual Obligations...
      (Pinch A Loaf)
      Ernesto Diaz-Infante - Tepeu (Pax) and Itz'at (Pax)
      Drug Murder Sex Orgy - Marezine Halloween (Self produced)
      Cineplex - Posologia (Caipirinha)
      Child's View - Funfare (Bubblecore)
      Kjetal Brandsal (Corpus Hermeticum)
      Django Bates - Quiet Nights (Screwgun)
      Various Artists - Microscopic Sound (Caipirinha)
      Black Tape for a Blue Girl - as One Aflame Laid Bare by Desire
      The Hope Blister - Smile's OK (4ad)
      Hednin Garna - Karelia Visa (Silence)
      Keiji Haino - An Unclear Trial (Avant)
      Godspeed You Balck Emperor - Slow Riot for New Zero Canada (Kranky)
      Grind Orchestra - Jolly Throats (Japan Overseas)
      En Halvkokt i Folie - The Totally Out Music of... (Cold Meat Industry)
      Franco Evangelisti (Edition RZ)
      Various Artists - Minatures Concretes (Imprientes Digitales)
      Sarah Peebles and Friends - Suspended in Amber (Innova)
      Pauline Oliveros - Alien Bog / Beautiful Soop (Pogus Productions)
      Neotropic - Ultra Freaky Orange (Ninja Tune)
      Stas - Of Women and Angels (SV)
      Red Crayola - Live 1967 (Drag City)
      Quintron - These Hands of Mine (Skin Graft)
      Various You're Soaking In It (Load)
      Joe Halac's SCREAM - Dance of a Thousand Heads (Tellus)
      Glen Spearman -Blues for Falasha (Tzadik)
      S. Isabella, "Point de Caption" (Positive Decadence)
      Starseeds - Parallel Life (Millenium)
      Various - Paris is Sleeping/Respect is Burning (Astralwerks)
      Unit - Hello My Name Is (Caipirinha)
      Tiger Lillies - Brothel to teh Cemetary (Rough Stuff)
      Various Artists - Alt. Noise (Switch)
      Leonardo Music Journal #8 - Ghosts & Monsters (MIT Press)
      Jeep Beat Collective - Technics Chainsaw Massacre (Bomp HipHop)
      Francisco Lopez - Belle Confusion 969 (Sonoris)
      Francisco Lopez - Untitled Music For Geography (Sedimental)
      John Lurie - Soundtracks to "African Swim" & Manny & Lo" (Strange & Beautiful)
      Cassius - 1999 (Astralwerks)
      ONTJ - Watashi (Benten)
      Neutronic - vs. Planet Earth (Pendragon)
      Andrew Neumann - No Fly Zone (Sublingual) (Local)
      Yogi Michiyu - Shizuku (Tzadik)
      Muslimgauze - Hussein Mahmood ... (Soleilmoon) RIP old friend.
      Mucho Macho - Limehouse LInk (Wiiija)
      Pan Sonic - A (Mute)
      Pachova - Unn (Knitting Factor)
      Harry Partch - Enclosure 2 (Innova)
      Harry Partch - Enclosure 5 (Innova)
      Various - Elsie and Josh and Chair (E&J)
      Crawl Unit - "The Future in Reverse" (Povertech industries)
      Brutum Fulmen - "Spork" (NEUS-318)
      Brutum Fulmen and Ninnuam - "Collapsing Orchestra" (Indigest Press)
      Various - "CMCD: Six Classic Concrete, Electroacoustic, and
      Electronic Works from 1970-1990" (ReR)

      -compiled by Paul Collegio

      Selected Reviews of New Adds

      This first batch has been reviewed by Paul Collegio

      **Ambarchi/Avenaim - The Alter Rebbe's Nigun (Tzadik)

      More in the radical Jewish culture series, this is being touted as the
      most extreme, passionate and fascinating of the bunch. The two
      performers on this recording are of the Australian punk unit PHLEGM
      and really draw from a worldwide variety of sources. This is noisy
      abrasive, soothing and frightening all in the course of the first five

      **Masada - VAV (DIW)

      The sixth Masada outing, sounding dangerously close at points to
      Herb Alpert. Sorry. Lots of you like Masada. Not my cuppa joe.

      **Keiji Haino with Greg Cohen and Joey Baron - An Unclear Trial

      Premier Jap guitarist with Masada bassist Cohen and drummer Baron.
      Restrained and controlled to the point of almost being minimal - at
      least compared to much of Haino's ouevre. Excellent.

      **Ernesto Diaz-Infante - Tepeu (Pax) and Itz'at (Pax)

      Two very nice solo piano improvisational works. If George Winston had
      taken quaaludes and read Duras, it might have sounded like this. Wim
      Mertens comes to mind.

      **Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Some Conceptual Obligations...
      (Pinch A Loaf)

      Domestic release from long standing experts of Noise Surrealism, DSM
      have a style that is uniquely theirs. This holds up to their classic
      "The Harvest of Magnetism" and "Interferences Et Plus".

      **Bastard Noise/Spastic Colon - Split (Pinch A Loaf)

      Noise, mildly insipid spoken word samples, and gut-stricken
      professional-wrestlerish vocals, Bastard Noise can get kinda
      cloying, especially "Kinsey Report", but there are some interesting
      moments as well. Spastic Colon on the other hand have some very
      engaging passages here and basically steal the show.

      **Francisco Lopez - Untitled Music For Geography (Sedimental)

      This 1997 recording is just finding its way to us, and it was
      worth the wait. This piece was commissioned for dance, and its
      pedigree kinda makes it seem unapproachable and academic, but
      this is not the case. It is one long piece of ambience in the
      "Music for Airports" school, in that it is simultaneously
      engaging and ignorable. Effective as a background layer in a mix
      or full on by itself.

      **DrugMurderSexOrgy - Marezine Halloween & Phantom Freak Show

      Two full length CD's. This is very sexy stuff. It's in the industrial
      vein, and it's got a sensibility about it that I really like.
      Mark Flynn (Disc Error) and Brian Lumauig (The Industrial Factory)
      will like this stuff. It's lo-fi in spots, well thought out throughout.
      There are rhythmic pieces and meandering ambient ones as well.
      These are the soundtracks for all your hidden trangressions.

      **Yagi Michiyo - Shizuku (Tzadik)

      Really beautiful new music for solo Koto. Part of the New Japan series.
      A real standout.

      **Glenn Spearman - Blues for Falasha (Tzadik)

      More from Tzadik's Radical Jewish Culture series. Hip Hop meets Poetry
      Slam meets Thelonius Monk meets Borbetomagus - and everyone's facing
      east. Really great.

      **Duotron - Complete Book of Duotron, Illustrated (Scratch)

      Reissues of both the Bulb LPs, and then some - so it's quite a big
      treat! Neo-Dada, Post-No-Wave with a jazz free improv feel under it.

      **The Hope Blister - Smile's OK (4ad/Mammoth)

      This has gotten a lot of bad gossip. It was apparently expected
      to be the Dark Cousin of This Mortal Coil, and it definitely was
      not that. It's sweet, and somewhat meandering, and lacking the
      unpredictable edginess of This Mortal coil, but it's a
      not an unpleasant listen overall.

      **Hedningarna - Karelia Visa (Northside)
      **Wimme "Gierran" (Northside)
      **Frifot "Summersong" (Northside)

      Three CD's of Modern Scandinavian Music. All of them blend elements
      of traditional music with a modern sensibility. Wimme blends
      ritual chanting eith new electronic sounds for a really astounding
      result. Hedningarna take a bit more traditonal acousitic approach, but
      manage to reach a fever pitch on "Thunder God". Frifot is the most
      accessible of the bunch, but present some really great a capella
      harmony reminiscent of Dead Can Dance or the Bulgarian Women's Choir.

      **Scream - Dance of A Thousand Heads (Tellus)

      Jose Halac and company produce a provocative sound that has the
      grit and high-level noise pollution of New York City at its core while
      managing to incoporate NY's diverse ethnic mix into the fold.
      Song structures, heavy on percussion and voice.

      **John Lurie - Soundtrck to the films "African Swim" and "Manny & Lo"
      (Strange & Beautiful)

      More sensual music from John Lurie. Featuring guest artists:
      Marc Ribot, Chris Wood, among others.

      **Harry Partch "Enclosure 2" & "Enclosure 5" Innova

      The 4 CD boxset of Enclosure 2 presents early works of
      Partch, pre WWII. Enclosure 5 is subtitled "Of an Ancient greek Theme".
      Much of it is previously unreleased stuff. The most talked about
      additions to our library in months.

      More reviews - these were reviewed by Sandy C,
      of Synaesthesia, alternating Friday Nights, 10PM - 2AM

      vinyl LPs (two older records I've never seen at the Z)
      Meredith Monk, "Key" (1977) [Lovely Music]
      => don't forget, Meredith Monk @ Sanders Theatre on April 23, 1999

      John Adams, "Shaker Loops" (1981) [1750 Arch Records]
      => picked up this used copy for $3.00

      16 new CDs

      S. Isabella, "Point de Caption" (1996) [Positive Decadence]
      => Another diverse collection from this Japanese trio
      (we have "Pleroma" from last year), with guests like
      Kapotte Muziek and Macronympha. Some collage with
      speech samples; some beautiful vocals, some noise
      accompanied by accordian, some with a beat!

      Francisco Lopez, "belle confusion 969" (1998, new) [Sonoris]
      => One long piece, made up of environmental recordings from many
      countries, treated with electronnics. Beautiful/peaceful
      sounds become more intense/dark as the piece progresses.

      Kjtil D. Brandsdal, "Freedom - Waaaohwaaoh" (new) [Corpus Hermelicum]
      => looks like a re-issue of two vinyl LPs on one CD.

      [It is. It's their first two out of print LPs. The new LP is
      now out on Swill Radio (the label run by the ex-Twenty Committee
      guy, whose album "Network" was a mild NCP hit in '83 or so)
      and Idea Fire Company folks, Scott Foust and Karla Borecky.
      Who are on this mailing list. >Hint.< ;-) -Paul]

      I love this - nice melodic parts plus some noise makes
      make up these lovely compositions.

      Pauline Oliveros, Alien Bog / Beautiful Soop (1997 re-issue
      of works from 1966-67) [Pogus Productions]
      => Yay! Another Pauline re-issue!

      Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, "Some Conceptual Obligations..."
      (new release) [Pinch-a-Loaf]
      => noise, sparse to dense . . .

      Franco Evangelisti, untitled (1998, new release) [Edition RZ]
      => 2-CD set; electro-acoustic stuff

      Architect, "Galactic Supermarket" (new release) [Hymen]
      => sounds like techno

      Crawl Unit, "The Future in Reverse" (1997) [Povertech industries]
      => all kinds of noise, not harsh; rather fuzzy and comforting

      En Halvkokt i Folie, "The Totally OUT Music of..." (1992)
      [Cold Meat Industry]
      => if Zamla Mammaz Manna were to attempt industrial music, this is
      what I think they'd sound like (Zamla was a bunch of wacky
      Swedes doing prog rock; En Halvkokt are a bunch of wacky
      Swedes doing industrial...)

      Brutum Fulmen, "Spork" (new release) [NEUS-318]
      => there are entire websites sites devoted to the "spork"
      (those plastic hybrids of a spoon and a fork that you
      get at fast food joints). This is feedback-based noise.

      Brutum Fulmen and Ninnuam, "Collapsing Orchestra" (1997)
      [Indigest Press]
      => collaboration of two groups: more noise, this time based on
      site recordings of "leaky steam pipe", "merry-go-round",
      "men's room door hinge in Hoboken parking garage", etc.

      various, "CMCD: Six Classic Concrete, Electroacoustic, and
      Electronic Works from 1970-1990" (1991) [ReR]
      => includes John Oswald of Plunderphonics fame.

      various, "Elsie and Jack and Chair" (1997) [E&J Recordings]
      => it's got Rapoon, Crawl Unit, Brume, more.

      various, "Miniatures Concretes" (1998, new) [Diffusion i Media]
      => 24 three-minute electroacoustic pieces

      various, "alt.noise" (1997) [Switch]
      => listed among their "new" releases on the Switch Records
      web site; compilation has Deutsch Nepal, Merzbow, K2,
      Macronympha, more.

      various, "Entertainment Through Pain" (1995) [RRRecords]
      => didn't we used to have this? Haven't seen it for awhile.
      It's a tribute to Throbbing Gristle, featuring Skullflower,
      Violent Onsen Geisha, Paul Lemos (of Controlled Bleeding),
      Merzbow, Emil Beaulieu, more.

      Upcoming Stuff WZBC No Commercial Potential On The Air

      Isotropic Distortions with Paul Collegio Wednesdays 10 PM:

      March 31 10 PM: Isotropic Distortions does a label Spotlight on
      99 Records and Neutral Records. Featured artists: Bush Tetras,
      Glenn Branca, ESG, David Rosenbloom, David Linton, Maximum Joy,
      Sonic Youth, Swans. This show was inspired by the recent
      resurgence in popularity of ESG and Liquid Liquid, in conjunction
      with the appearance of >identical< reproductions of 99 records
      releases by both of these bands. Also in the mix will be
      related bands like DNA, selected tracks from the classic
      No New York LP, Mars and other stuff going on in the New York
      No Wave movement at the time. It should be an exciting

      March 31 midnite: "The Holy Hour" This month's selection
      Glenn Branca's "The Ascension".

      DISC ERROR with Mark Flynn Mondays 10 PM:

      The C90 line-up for March ( 11pm - 12:45am ):
      3/1 Either a live PA from Sasha ( Toneburst ) or a deep house/ techno set
      from Mike Walsh ( Spacecakes)
      3/8 Entropy ( B.H.P.C., MSP ) cheesestep
      3/15 Caserock (Formula 409, Phoenix Landing) deep house, techno
      3/22 Mac Guyver ( Chemical Records ) trance
      3/29 Kris Defixio ( Redlight ) jungle, drum n bass

      THE DELTA FACTOR with Brian Cleary Wednesdays 7 - 10 PM

      Rumor has it Brian will be putting together a Bourbonese Qualk special
      in March. Watch this space for details!!

      OK That's it for now! Watch for our next edition around the end of

      -Paul Collegio
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