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London - Sprawl: June bulletin

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  • douglas benford
    ... S P R A W L June 2008 bulletin ... Thanks to everyone who came to SonicRecycler4 last month - an extraordinary evening! ... NEXT MONTH: Horatio Oratorio A
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      S P R A W L June 2008 bulletin
      Thanks to everyone who came to SonicRecycler4
      last month - an extraordinary evening!


      Horatio Oratorio

      A concert & sound installation by Aleksander Kolkowski
      aka Recording Angels with Federico Reuben - live electronics



      "There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are
      dreamt of in our philosophy...I am a graphophone and my mother
      was a phonograph."

      Charles Tainter's first recorded words on his
      newly developed wax cylinder Graphophone,
      the successor to Thomas Alva Edison's tinfoil Phonograph, in 1881.

      Horatio Oratorio is an audio-visual exploration through the early history
      of recorded sound. It uses as it's libretto, the first recorded utterances
      transcribed onto metal and wax and reproduced by styli, diaphragms
      and horns. The era of recorded sound as material object, whether
      cylinder, disc, wire, magnetic tape or CD, has been overtaken by the
      rise of the digital file. Horatio Oratorio sings of the transformation of
      sound into object and it's return into the ether.

      The earliest sound reproducing technologies and rare mechanical-acoustic
      string instruments are here combined with vintage and custom-made
      electronics and state-of-the-art digital sound transformation in a unique
      liaison between the contemporary and the obsolete.

      A multitude of antique wax cylinder phonographs, gramophones, stroh
      violins and a cornucopia of ornate horns adorn the performance space
      and are played or manually operated during the concert, using specially
      made wax cylinder and disc recordings. These include recreations of
      some of the earliest speech and music transcriptions known to exist.

      The sound installation, featuring the machines and suspended
      horns will run autonomously.

      Information: <contact@...>

      Co-produced by Sonic Arts Network's EXPO
      and the PRSF Live Connections.

      In association with Sprawl

      A Wire-supported event .

      Thurs. 10th & Fri. 11th July, 2008.
      *Friday event closes with a party and 78rpm DJing session in the Arena*

      Installation opens at 6pm, Performances start at 8pm.
      Installation continues 16th - 19th July, 6pm - 12am (Sat.19th from 8pm).
      NB closed sunday/monday/tuesday

      Day membership is £5 on Wed. & thurs. & £10 on Fri. & Sat.

      The Arena
      Shunt Vaults,
      Joiner Street,
      London Bridge SE1.
      (entrance inside London Bridge tube)

      funded by PRSF Live Connections

      JUNE 21
      IRIS GARRELFS live
      with Rabbitt, Ampersand
      from 8pm, £3
      Utrophia, 136 Tanners Hill,
      Deptford, London SE8, UK

      JULY 3
      with Alexander Wendt, Janek Schaefer, Jasper Leyland
      6.30pm. 108 Pieces Demolition
      LABAN Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ, UK
      http://www.laban.org, http://12X50.com

      JULY 5
      IRIS GARRELFS live
      Sonic Arts Network Expo, Brighton UK

      JULY 29
      IRIS GARRELFS residency with Urbania
      Grizedale Art, Coniston, Cumbria, UK

      SI-CUT.DB / d. benford:
      * new douglas benford CD album
      due on 12X50 / carbon series, late summer

      ** Join the Sprawl Facebook group **

      best wishes

      Iris Garrelfs

      si-cut.db [d.benford]


      E-MAIL <sprawl@...>

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