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announcement of 30 May. das kleine field recordings festival in Berlin

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  • rinus van alebeek
    Dear friends and listeners, In this newsletter you will find the announcements of the upcoming edition of das kleine field recordings festival, and a link to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2008
      Dear friends and listeners,

      In this newsletter you will find the announcements of the upcoming edition
      of das kleine field recordings festival,
      and a link to the Phonogramm Archive in Berlin (thanks to Ben Owen)

      furthermore a report on the evening of the last edition
      with performances by John Hopkins, Ben Owen and Brandon LaBelle
      is to be found on daskleinefieldrecordingsfestival.org
      title : The American Trauma

      Recordings are made that evening, but still in The John Hopkins Phonographic

      This Friday 30. May
      Mittenmang Reuterkiez
      Ecke Lenaustrasse / Friedelstrasse
      Berlin Neukölln
      U-Bhf Hermannplatz
      doors open from 21.00

      performances by
      Alessandro Bosetti,
      Soichiro Mitsuya
      Michael Northam
      DJ Ben Owen

      Alessandro Bosetti will report in from his travels
      through the southern states of the USA
      and will perform translations
      from gullah/pennsylvania dutch/creole/cajun french/tewa and navajo

      Soichiro Mitsuya will translate his amazement and wonderment
      about the ongoing noise constructions on Alexanderplatz in Berlin,
      and will use a special setting to amplify his recordings.

      Michael Northam has freshly arrived in Berlin
      after a six months stay in India.
      His soundworks will be based on recordings made in that period.

      Ben Owen from freepoint radio in New York will be the DJ.
      His selection will come from recordings from the Berlin Phonogramm-Archiv,
      wax cylinder 1893-1954,
      mono tape 1951-1974,
      stereo tape field 1967-2000,
      stereo tape concert 1973-2000. from asia, australia, africa, americas,
      europe, oceania, south america.

      For those who think of coming to Berlin some day, or those in Berlin who are
      interested in the Berlin Phonogramm Archive, I will link to the liner notes
      Ben send me.
      It is a lot of text, but it could as well be the description of your next
      holiday destination...I mean ..places to see and visit in Berlin...

      The Berlin Phonogramm-Archive was founded in September 1900 and soon became
      an important center of Comparative Musicology. To celebrate this important
      anniversary an international conference titled "100 Years Berlin
      Phonogramm-Archive: Retrospective, Perspective and Interdisciplinary
      Approaches of the Sound Archives of the World" was held from September
      27--October 1, 2000, at the Enthnologisches Museum (formerly known as the
      Völkerkundemuseum) in Berlin, Germany. More than 60 papers were presented by
      archivists and ethnomusicologists from over 30 countries. UCLA was
      represented by Daniel Neuman, Anthony Seeger, and Louise Spear.

      further readings on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berliner_Phonogramm-Archiv
      where there is more links.

      greetings from the ministry of dkfrf propaganda in Berlin Neukölln

      Rinus van Alebeek

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