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Wrecking the Rotting Flotsam of the Spirit

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: #1006: Rotting Flotsam of the Spirit PTP in the ether: 88.3FM Where
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2008
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: #1006: Rotting Flotsam of the Spirit
      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:
      18 Februari 2008 // 17.00-19.00

      "We should treat all the trivial things of life seriously, and all
      the serious things of life with sincere and studied triviality."
      o Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

      "America: Socializing the risks, Privatizing the profits, Putting
      business in the democracy, Taking the democracy out of the business."
      * Christopher Masterjohn

      "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it
      is a merger of state and corporate power."
      * Benito Mussolini

      Fluctuation 1/2 > Ellen Fullman & Monique Buzzarté [1]
      + Farewell to Devonshire > Eddie Woods [2]
      + Introduction & Tsunami of Love [exc] > Eddie Woods [2]
      Dream Control & Erotic Possibilities > EMT [3]
      Lost John > Leo Kottke [4]
      Health Warning > EMT [3]
      Nightmares > EMT [3]
      Mittags am Meggenhorn > Cyrill Schläpfer [5]
      + False Warning > EMT [3]
      The Song of the Swamp > Leo Kottke [4]
      Prelucid Dreams > EMT [3]
      Iofobia > Discar [6]
      Fluctuation 3 > Ellen Fullman & Monique Buzzarté [1]
      Salutations > Roberto Valenza [7]
      Into the Mystic > Van Morrison [8]
      Industrial Poem > Roberto Valenza [7]
      Clorofilia > El Animal [6]
      Untangle > Four Tet [9]
      Camposanto > Panoptica [6]
      Glad Tidings > Van Morrison [8]
      Sah~ > Indopepsychicks [10]
      Conscious EQ1 > Eckhart Tolle [11]
      Only Skin > Joann Newsom [12]
      Afternoon > Pauline Oliveros vs Miya Masaoka [13]
      Viite > Vladislav Delay [14]
      Tells It > Telly Savalas [15]
      Understanding Marx > Red Shadow [16]

      [1] "Fluctuation" on Deep Listening.
      [2] "Tsunami of Love" on Ins & Outs.
      [3] "Lucid Dreams" on Em:T 0096.
      [4] "Greenhouse" on Capitol vinyl.
      [5] "Die Waldstätte" on CSR. [See other playlists for rave review and
      interview with CS].
      [6] "Frontier Life" on Accretions / Trummerflora.
      [7] "The Natural Mind" on Valenza.
      [8] "Moondance" on Warner vinyl.
      [9] "Domino Album" on Pause.
      [10] "Indopepsychicks / Robert Henke" on Progressive Form.
      [11] "The Power of Now" on New World Library. Excerpt: "I cannot live
      with myself any longer. This was the thought that kept repeating
      itself in my mind. Then suddenly I became aware of what a peculiar
      thought it was. Am I one or two? If I cannot live with myself, there
      must be two of me: the I and the self that I cannot live with. Maybe,
      I thought, only one of them is real. I was so stunned by this strange
      realization that my mind stopped."
      [12] "Ys" on Drag City.
      [13] "Accordion Koto" on Deep Listening.
      [14] "Multila" on Efa Imports.
      [15] TS is the spiritual pugilist whose membership into the Rat pack
      was rejected. Thanx Blacky.
      [16] "The Economics Rock & Roll Band" on Physical World. Spinal Tap
      does Das Kapital? Thanks Ronald and Black Sifichi.

      o Why do Christian fundamentalists who embrace gun ownership resemble
      Islamic fundamentalists who advocate armed jihad?

      Casting Out Demons in Colorado Springs, December 10, 2007 Truthdig

      Tragic shootings can happen anywhere -- a school, a mall, Phil
      Spector's house -- but when the site of the carnage is New Life
      Church in Colorado Springs, the response is likely to be somewhat
      different. When it comes to violent crime and other societal ills,
      many evangelical Christians are deep believers in root causes. Not so
      much poverty, homelessness or mental illness, but the real root
      causes: demons. The founding pastor of the New Life megachurch, the
      now-disgraced Ted Haggard, was nothing if not media savvy. He once
      warned his followers not to talk about demons and supernatural
      battles when secular reporters came calling. But behind closed doors,
      Haggard was a major proponent of spiritual warfare, the battle
      "against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual
      forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

      That's from the book of Ephesians, but the Bible is ambiguous about
      what it actually means, and some modern evangelicals interpret it in
      a way that many theologians say the Bible never intended. A full
      explanation of spiritual warfare, especially as understood by more
      sophisticated believers, requires more space than we have here
      (you'll find more in my forthcoming book, Rapture Ready! Adventures
      in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture), but the pop
      Christian version espoused by Haggard and his ilk is fairly
      straightforward: Demons, literal ones, minions of the equally literal
      living Satan, are everywhere, infecting cities and nations with sin
      and death. The job of the Christian believer (though to be fair, not
      the most important job, most evangelicals would say) is to cast out
      these demons by locating them, identifying them, and saying the right
      incantatory prayers to dispel them. If it sounds like the stuff of
      fantasy books, that's because it is. The modern understanding of
      spiritual warfare is largely derived from two hugely influential
      novels by Christian author Frank Peretti that have sold millions of
      copies since the mid-1980s.

      The first step in spiritual warfare, the location of demons, is known
      as spiritual mapping. This step-by-step guide explains one version of
      the process, which involves combing neighborhoods for cults (such as
      Mormon temples and Unitarian churches), porn stores, establishments
      "owned and/or operated by the homosexual community," and
      "abortuaries." It's not clear if Haggard used exactly this tactic,
      but he quite famously relied on something like it when establishing
      New Life Church. As the Colorado Springs Gazette explained in 2004,
      "Haggard was instrumental in creating an evangelical-friendly
      environment in Colorado Springs, partly by using a technique called
      'prayer walking.' [C. Peter] Wagner said Haggard and members of his
      ministry would walk through town in the early 1990s, praying as they
      went, establishing beachheads for a spiritual rejuvenation." (Wagner
      is the head of Global Harvest Ministries, a leading spiritual warfare
      outfit with close ties to New Life.)

      So what does this have to do with the recent shootings? Though you
      probably won't hear any of New Life's members say it for the cameras
      -- they literally got the memo, remember -- it's almost certain that
      a fair number immediately concluded that the attacks were Satan's
      revenge against Colorado Springs' evangelical community for doing its
      job too well. As a pastor named Dutch Sheets told the Gazette,
      Colorado Springs -- "the evangelical Vatican" -- would be a hell of a
      prize, so to speak: "There is a great warfare for this city, and
      there's no doubt in my mind that Satanic forces would be doing
      everything possible to hinder (the work done here)." After all, they
      already believe Satan tempted Haggard with meth and man-whores for
      the same reason.

      o The ironic of the iconic. Doesn't god speak to them to warn them
      away from these kinds of ventures? Where is their syncretic spiritual
      business acumen? Or maybe they just don't care until others care?

      Crucifixes Made Under Horrific Sweatshop Conditions In China, Linked
      to St. Patrick's Cathedral and Trinity Church in New York, And
      Nationally to the $4.63 Billion Association for Christian Retail

      At a press conference today in front of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in
      New York City, Charles Kernaghan, director of the National Labor
      Committee, released a 73 page report documenting the brutal sweatshop
      conditions under which crucifixes are made for Saint Patrick's
      Cathedral, Trinity Church and the Association for Christian Retail at
      the Junxingye factory in Southern China. Holding up a crucifix made
      in the Junxingye factory and sold at Saint Patrick's and Trinity,
      Kernaghan said, "This crucifix was made by young women’ "several just
      15 and 16 years of age’" who were forced to work 15 hours a day, from
      8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., seven days a week, toiling for months on end
      without a single day off. Workers were routinely at the factory over
      100 hours a week. Before the crucifixes had to be shipped to the
      U.S., there were also mandatory 22 to 25-hour all-night shifts from
      8:00 a.m. straight through to 6:30 or 9:00 a.m. the following
      morning. Workers were paid just 26 cents an hour, $2.12 a day and
      $10.61 a week, which is less than half China's legal minimum wage.

      After deductions for primitive company dorms and food, the workers'
      take-home wages actually drops to just nine cents an hour." The
      report, titled: "Today, Workers Bear the Cross" details: Primitive
      dorm conditions with workers sleeping in narrow, double-level metal
      bunk beds. Dorm walls are filthy and smudged with black, while spider
      webs cling to the ceiling. The bathrooms are so damp and dirty that
      moss grows on the floor.

      Workers describe the company food as "awful." The soup is just water
      with a few vegetable leaves and drops of oil floating at the top.
      Workers are stripped of their rights, denied paid maternity leave,
      sick days and holidays. Anyone missing a day is docked 2 days wages.
      Workers fear they may be handling toxic chemicals, paints and
      solvents’ which sting their eyes and cause skin rashes’ but they are
      not allowed to know the names of the chemicals they are working with,
      let alone their health hazards.

      Kernaghan said, "I don't believe that Saint Patrick's Cathedral or
      Trinity Church had any idea of the abusive and illegal conditions
      under which their crucifixes were made’ but I feel certain they will
      now respond immediately and with compassion." Kernaghan will ask
      Saint Patrick's and Trinity to help clean up the factory in China and
      to guarantee that the legal rights of the workers will finally be
      respected. Kernaghan commented that something has gone terribly
      wrong, "The Association for Christian Retail has decided, en masse,
      to follow Wal-Mart to China, where they can exploit defenseless
      workers and pay them pennies an hour to make their religious goods.
      These are workers who have no freedom of religion, no freedom of
      association, and no human or worker rights protections." "Especially
      during the holiday season," he continued, "the American people can
      draw a line in the sand, refusing to allow crucifixes and other
      religious items to be turned into just another cheap sweatshop
      commodity. As things stand now, there are enforceable laws backed up
      by sanctions to protect corporate products and trademarks, but no
      similar laws to protect the legal rights of the young people around
      the world who made the religious or other goods we will purchase this
      holiday. This is morally wrong and must change. The report includes
      production orders and photos, including images of an assembly line,
      the dorms and crucifixes made in the plant which were smuggled out of
      the factory. The Junxingye factory also produced licensed collegiate
      goods for the Universities of Michigan, Rutgers, Auburn, Brigham
      Young, South Carolina, Montana, Washington, Colorado and others.

      o Jonges v/d Vlakte [Boys from the Plains]: "De cottonpickin' Jongens
      van de cottonpickin' Vlakte" play a piquant, illuminating, and
      playfully irritating mix of faulty music, of near-misses, of obscure
      failures, of world music that is not from this world 19.00-20.30
      [Dutch time, subtract 1 hr for UK, subtract 6 hrs for US East Coast]
      Mondays @ PTP

      o Dr. Doo Wop in a seance with reflection WAS on Radio Patapoe on
      Sundays 17.00-18.00 Amsterdam time

      o C2000: Whatever Whenever or aka yo momma, electropulp metal, we
      hate hippies, hardcore jumpstylemetal, hiphopmetal,
      punk-industrialmetal and meta-metal Mondays 20.30-22.30

      o Psychedelicatessen: obscure underground progressivica Sunday 20-24.

      o Radio Cognito: Mind & Existence Problems Thurs 18-20

      o No8ody: unformated*core, vr/ijly/stile*maz*up*zumbi*drones Saturdays 14-16.

      o Radio Worm: Rotterdam-based radio collective presents inventive
      programming to baffle all preconceptions. Midnight Sundays and in
      autopilot rotation.

      o H=Bass: Klas-zeike Herrie [classic-sickness noise] Sunday 14-17

      o Gelul met Krul: Bullshitting on the radio with intriguing guests
      Saturday 20-22

      o Stront [Shit]: noise, lo-fi experimenting Wednesday 18-22

      o HET PROGRAMMA: industrial lounge for collapsing people. Tuesdays 21:00


      * Wreck This Mess-Paris @ Radio Libertaire, Paris 89.4 hosted by
      Laurent Diouf 1/2 PanouPanou on Tuesdays 12:30-14:30 check
      * Black Sifichi / Audiometric radio check <http://www.blacksifichi.com>

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Dina Appeldoornstraat 11-3
      1076 AX Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      with profiles, yodeling, john cage, allen ginsberg, beer mysticism,
      reviews, playlists, fiction, links

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