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Final Notice... Yellow6 Album out next week

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  • Jon Attwood
    one more intrusion into your inboxes to inform/remind you that the new Yellow6 2CD album When The Leaves Fall Like Snow is available in the few remaining
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2008
      one more intrusion into your inboxes to inform/remind you that the new
      Yellow6 2CD album "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow" is available in the few
      remaining record stores, and all good on-line distributors as of Monday 21st

      all the info you could want, and some free mp3's to download are here:
      http://www.yellow6.com/leavesfall.htm and some clips on the MySpace page.

      some nice things other people have said about it:

      "Jon Attwood has always made music for people with time on their hands.
      Also, even on the lesser moments, the music has a rare depth and
      intelligence which Attwood's contemporaries struggle to match even on their
      best days" (Leonard's Lair)

      "The more time you spend with this album the more you'll find yourself being
      won over by its all-enveloping slowness and understatedness. There's an
      awful lot of material to absorb here, but despite filling two CDs to the
      brim, Yellow 6 doesn't outstay his welcome" (Boomkat)

      "despite his already brilliant canon of music, Attwood outdoes himself on
      his latest double CD release...Yellow6 has scored with When The Leaves Fall
      Like Snow the first great ambient release of 2008, and possibly the most
      sublimely enjoyable CD of his career. Highly recommended"

      "Disc 1 - 'fall':... almost like a murmur the melodies meander majestically
      like skirting eddies across an arid landscape, part tender part hollowed,
      the softly tendered melodies are fractured by silent pauses endowing an
      almost respectful resonance.... Disc 2 - 'further' - features 10
      compositions that more or less confirm and consolidate Attwood as one of the
      scenes leading exponents of mood evoking atmospherics" (losingtoday.com)

      Distribution is through Cargo (UK), Darla (USA), p*dis (japan), where are my
      (canada), and is available from these fine mail order outlets: Norman
      Records, Conspiracy, Cold Spring, White Noise, Tonevendor, October Man,
      Boomkat, Make Mine Music and yellow6.com (and many others i haven't



      - y e l l o w 6 -
      <http://www.yellow6.com/> www.yellow6.com

      - make mine music -
      www.makeminemusic.co.uk <http://www.makeminemusic.co.uk/>

      - MySpace -

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