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Kevin Ayers interviews, Charles Gocher (Sun City Girls) & Teo Macero tributes

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  • Jason Gross
    Greetings, In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever online music magazine, you ll find (among other things): KEVIN
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008

      In the latest issue of Perfect Sound Forever
      <http://www.perfectsoundforever.com> online music magazine, you'll
      find (among other things):

      Interview- fairground adventures
      "Ayers has an amazing new album out "The Unfairground" - and I'm not
      just saying that because Kevin was my room-mate and bandmate for a
      week. I came up with the core questions and our good man Jason Gross
      threw the questions at Kevin recently and came up with some of his own
      as the interview progressed (ED NOTE: thanks for the plug)."

      Alan Bishop tribute- Sun City Girls
      "On February 19th of this year 2007, Charles John Gocher Jr. departed
      this incarnation of himself and dove into the great beyond. He was 54
      years old in this particular lifetime and what a lifetime it was.
      Along with my brother Rick (Sir Richard Bishop), I witnessed exactly
      half of that life... the very best half without a doubt. His family
      name is pronounced "Go-Shay" for all of you that have mispronounced it
      endlessly in the past and I have and shall continue to refer to him
      mostly as Gocher."

      In tribute to legendary engineer/producer Teo Macero who died on
      February 19, 2008, PSF presents this transcript from the Miles Davis
      Conference, May 10-11, 1996, Washington University in St. Louis. Here
      Macero speaks about his work with Miles Davis. Also see our 1997
      interview with Macero.

      Art-rock not new-wave
      "Among those with a passion for challenging, adventurous music, the
      name of the Muffins (not the new wave group that did "Echo Beach") has
      long been spoken in hushed tones of adulation. Cult heroes of an
      underground genre (the avant-garde side of latter-day US progressive
      jazz-rock), the Maryland-based band never saw much financial
      recompense for their bold sonic innovations, but their blend of
      avant-jazz, fusion, and British art-rock has influenced legions of
      like-minded musical explorers for three decades."

      Jazz/rap percusssion
      "If this brilliant percussionist, inventor and educator had chosen
      among his dozens of endeavors, it's possible that he might have
      achieved iconic status in one esoteric scene or another. The
      66-year-old (formerly Robert Frank Pozar) may never have found fame,
      but he is a world-class master of an impressive array of drumming
      styles including free jazz, hip-hop, 20th-century classical, bebop,
      funk and his current obsession, bata drumming of the Afro-Cuban

      Turk/Swede jazz
      "In 1970s Stockholm, a rare moment occurred when Turkish folk
      musicians met Swedish players with American jazz sensibilities and
      created sounds that were both ear-opening and beautiful. The primary
      catalyst for this meeting was trumpeter and pianist Maffy Falay. Falay
      had been "discovered" by the beret-sporting master of be-bop Dizzy
      Gillespie during a Turkish tour in 1956. Inspired by Gillespie, Falay
      slowly began moving west, playing with a number of big bands in Europe
      and a radio orchestra in Germany. "

      We're always looking for good writers and/or ideas so let us know if
      you have anything to share.

      See you online,
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