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WRECK: Deep Monsters in Shallow Water

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    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies #997: Deep Monsters in Shallow Water PTP in the ether: 88.3FM Where
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 24, 2008
      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies #997: Deep Monsters in Shallow Water
      PTP in the ether: 88.3FM
      Where purity & puerility are synonymous
      streaming via internet:

      10 December 2007 // 16.45-19.00

      "It makes me feel tingly all over and then nothing. There should be
      bells ringing, dams busting, bombs going off."
      o Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat

      "Now I'm going to tell you the way it has to be. Just relax your
      musicles and once you hit that spot keep right on pushing and give it
      all you've got. Now we've found your tinkle the solution is quite
      clear. For if we both can hit it now the bells you'll surely hear.
      Deep throat deeper than deep your throat. Don't row the boat don't
      get your goat. That's all she wrote."
      o Harry Reems in Deep Throat

      Sprawl [Western Magnetics] > Matt Rogalsky [A]
      DS Stadt Luzern > Cyrill Schlaepfer [1]
      Peyotemind [4/5] > John Sinclair vs Monster Island [2]
      Tezeta > The Ex vs Getatchen Mekuria [3]
      Kickboxing Music #11 > Ritualistic Kickboxing Music [4]
      Improv Duet > Yuri Ynakov Ensemble [5]
      Paris, Texas > Gotan Project [6]
      Statement Against the War > David Behrman [7]
      Coda > Ryoji Ikeda [8]
      Chicago > Olivia Louvel [11]
      C5 Cuts > Ryoji Ikeda [8]
      Clap Clap > Klaxons [9]
      God OD > Meat Beat Manifesto vs Norscq [10]
      Das Blut > Olivia Louvel [11]
      Reanimator > > Meat Beat Manifesto vs Scanner [10]
      The Sirens > Grand Mal [12]
      I Don't Know What To Do Now > Nightcrawlers [13]
      Kickboxing Music #4 > Ritualistic Kickboxing Music [4]
      My Money > Nightcrawlers [13]
      Sad Affair > Marxman [14]
      Bosporus Moon > Up Bustle & Out [15]
      Bosporus Moon Dub > Up Bustle & Out [15]
      Guitare Flamenco > Dalida [16]
      Funkyworm > Ohio Players [17]

      [A] "Memory Like Water" on XI
      <http://www.xirecords.org>www.xirecords.org>. Absolutely stunning
      piece that meanders like Robert Ashley in a sailing ship with Gavin
      Bryars. Highly recommended.
      [1] "Die Waeldstatte" on CSR o Cyrill Schläpfer: Die Waldstätte (Lake
      Luzern) [Truetone / www.csr-records.ch] The secret audio lives of
      steamships and paddle steamers. Gargantuan project reminds me of the
      audio equivalent of Herzog's Fitzcarraldo film [4 CDs / 3 DVDs]. More
      about this soon. This came out as my favorite CD of the year. An
      amazing effort.
      [2] "Peyotemind" on Monster Island <www.bookbeat.com>. Live at the
      Detroit Contemporary Gallery in 2001. Weird-ass rantings that sound
      like Robert Anton Wilson meets the Yaqui indian.
      [3] "Moa Anbessa" on Terp <www.terprecords.nl>. Amazingly effective
      intuitive head-on collision of beyond-punk and recuperated Afro-jazz
      genius. I'm told it was recorded in a matter of days, which gives it
      its vibrant urgency. Every year after I publish my years best I have
      the sneaking suspicion that I have forgotten a good record. This is
      one of them.
      [4] "Ritualistic Kick Boxing Music" on SP Bangkok. Before a Thai
      kick-boxing fight, the boxers perform a ritualistic form of prayer.
      Thanks Nina.
      [5] "Roma Variations" on Traditional Crossroads. Interesting deep
      jazz with Gypsy inflections and echoes.
      [6] "Lunatico" on Ya Basta <www.gotanproject.com>. Progressive
      tango-disco with inspired instrumentation and mixing.
      [7] "My Dear Siegfried" on XI <www.xirecords.org>. Multimedia
      soundsmith manages to fuse hard speculative ambiences with oddly
      germane and warm spoken word from a series of Nixon & LBJ speeches to
      recitations of letters passed between Same Behrman a NYT reporter and
      Siegrfried Sassoon, a war hero who became an anti-war poet and peace
      activist during the period after WWI.
      [8] "0 Degrees C" on Touch <www.touchmusic.org.uk>. Another neglected
      record for my Best of 2007 list. Unsettling investigations of life
      between electronic signals. A microcosm revealing universal zeitgeist.
      [9] A 45 rpm single. The crazed lunacy of one-hit non-stars.
      [10] "Storm the Studio RMXS" is a very good altho not always
      successful renovation of that hard-house dubby industrial sound of
      [11] "Lulu in Suspension" on Optical Sound / www.optical-sound.com.
      Little Annie Anxiety fronting Portishead?
      [12] "Perfect Fit" on Unsounds <www.unsounds.com>. One of the best
      records I have received in the last 6 months. A Justin Bennett
      ensemble with brilliant vocals and 5th world lounge singing. Played
      in honor of their live performance Monday 12 April in Overtoom 301.
      [13] "Third Mind: Nightcrawlers 1981-1990" A basement DIY tape
      manipulation set of secret communiques with parties and forces that
      at that time were still unnamed. Annotated liner notes of these
      charmingly illuminating pedestrian peeks into the lives of ordinary
      explorers of the extraordinary mysteries found in everyday life based
      on Dada leads and the divining walking stick extended by William
      Seward Burroughs. Liner notes: "Poems jaywalk around shopping
      centers, looters race in and out, existence as if it were Paris."
      [14] "33 Revolutions per Minute" on Talkin' Loud, 1993. Marxist Irish
      hiphoppers. "Some pretend the problems don't exist / some attack and
      some resistŠ"
      [15] "Istanbul's Secrets" Up Bustle & Out: Istanbul's Secrets
      [Collision / www.echobeach.de] Musicological collisions in a trippy
      [16] Dalida: Bambino on Membran & SVM / www.membran.com. Tragic
      chanteuse flung herself out of a Montmartre apartment window.
      [17] I never really understood bands like Ohio Players or Earth, Wind
      and Fire. I always thought they were like soul-lite for college kids.
      Just enough fantasy to not be quite real.


      A lot of these records ended up on my "Best of the Best of the Best
      of 2007" and yet, despite much agonizing and making sure I did not
      forget any of my faves, every year I end up with one. This year I
      ended up with 2: The Ex [3] and the Ryoji Ikeda minimalist dissonance
      cd [8]. What I still like best is that happenstance magic of
      synchronicity when things happen not because of me and my
      orchestrations but because of some unforeseen circumstances or
      indescribable incidents or feelings that make things take shape the
      way they do. Much has happened and the weird dislocation of time is
      starting to affect these lists. I am writing about a radio show that
      occurred in December, before my Best of show and now here it is late

      Recent weirdly resonant although maybe not all that important in the
      scheme of things: The "Natalee Holloway" murder case was solved when
      a Dutch TV investigator captured the confessions of the main suspect
      Joran, a spoiled Dutch kid living the life of leisure on Aruba
      meeting foreign chicks in the bars and casinos. It caused uproar
      because there was no resolution, no arrest, no conviction and the
      mother went bonkers [justifiably and yet somehow busting out of the
      curve] she went to Bush and the US government decided to threaten
      them with a tourism embargo if they didn't solve the crime. Little do
      we realize how many cases of murder go unsolved in the world and in
      the US despite mega-expenditures on cops and resources and tech. I
      hear rates of 30-40% in parts of the US. So when the mom made a
      patriotic issue of the murder case she made a big mistake by ignoring
      the fact that if the murder had happened in Alabama it would likely
      also be unsolvedŠ Anyway, this TV cop De Vries, a bit of a charlatan
      although I cannot deny that he has a good deductive Sherlock mind,
      set up this Joran kid and having him confess to a newfound friend, an
      undercover guy. He admitted everything pretty much except he did NOT
      murder her. She died probably of alcohol poisoning or something but
      then he arranged to get rid of the evidence by dumping her body at

      Then there was a list of the countries with medal winnings in
      Olympics and the Netherlands came in 9th in the world [16 million
      people, country the size of Connecticut and Massachusetts] in total
      medals. I always like facts that defy the logic of the supposed
      built-in demographic dialectic. Meaning a nation this small should
      not be in 9th place according to the rules of sheer numbers. NL
      should also not be the 3rd largest exporter [yes, Exporter] of
      produce in the world [behind France & US]! If you live hear or have
      ever visited you will see that the country is so small that
      everything is pretty much planned even nature is choreographed and
      yet this fact. On the other hand, there are those disturbing facts
      that the higher the quality [the better the art product - film, CD,
      book] the less this product will be rewarded by consumers. That low
      culture [I don't mean good low but just plain shit] sells, that the
      worst pop outsells the best music is proof of something, maybe that
      human consciousness is not progressing, that it actually
      predetermined to not go forward, evolve or somethingŠ [not that I
      don't like stupid pop stuff like the weird Dub version of Dark Side
      of the Moon] Anyway, the Olympics is really not something I even care
      about - except for the human rights issues [my favorite all-time
      image of the Olympics is the raised black fists of sprinters Tommy
      Smith and John Carlos in the 1968 Olympics] in China and how this is
      a major discussion topic in the news. Should athletes speak out etcŠ
      Check out what the clean clothes campaign is doing:

      Last night the public station Ned 3 showed "Deep Throat" after
      Midnite [the NRC newspaper website said nearly a million people
      watched AFTER midnight on a Saturday!] despite protests by Christian
      groups and Christian Unie and Christian Democrat [political party
      wags] reps protested the showing of this pornography. After the film
      they showed the Documentary "Inside Deep Throat". I guess I hadn't
      seen it in 30 years or had ever paid attention to it. It was
      funny-spoofy-goofier than I remember. It was really a kind of John
      Waters-esque satire with bad/good hippie pop [Tarantino look out!]
      and really awful color [super 8mm] so that all genitalia looked very
      unappetizing like things found in a drunk butcher shop. It was
      definitely an experience of astonishment and chuckling and the entire
      premise of a girl who has her clitoris located in the back of her
      throat was pure genius. And Harry Reems, playing the doctor seemed
      more like a Dean Jones Disney character than a verified porn star.

      That Linda Lovelace did not have a good life before, during and after
      is pretty much known and yet I am again astonished that I somehow
      missed the death of Linda Lovelace. I read the papers, read BBC and
      Times and other web news sources with some regularity altho often
      very surfacy. And I somehow missed the tragic death of this tragic
      character in 2002.

      Lovely Linda by Petra Boynton The Guardian, Thursday April 25 2002.
      She is a psychologist specialising in sex, media and relationships

      Deep Throat, as most people - certainly most men - know, is a movie
      about a woman whose clitoris is in the back of her throat.
      Brilliantly, of course, this means that to obtain sexual satisfaction
      she needs to perform oral sex on men. No need for any awkward
      fiddling down below for Linda Lovelace, its star.

      When Deep Throat was released in 1972, it caused a sensation. The
      film was seen a groundbreaking as (unusually for porn films) it had
      a semblance of a plot, and was shown in mainstrea cinemas. People
      who would never have been caught dead in a porn cinema flocked to
      see it, and a film made for £15,000 ended up grossing £500m and
      counting. Even certain members of the women's movement welcomed the
      film as sexually liberating. And everyone wanted to know about its

      Linda, a slight, dark-haired prostitute turned porn actor, appeared
      on chatshows, endorsed sex products, featured in Playboy, and wrote a
      book; all the while maintaining that she was highly sexed - a
      nymphomaniac in fact. The press, public, and porn industry loved her.
      She became the world's first porn star.

      But it wasn't long before the buzz around Deep Throat and Linda
      Lovelace began to take on a rather sinister tone. Sex manuals began
      teaching women that they should learn to "deep throat" their partner
      in order to please him. Some even endorsed a training programme in
      which women pushed their fingers down their throat while suppressing
      their gagging reflex, in order to perfect their deep-throating
      skills. As with much contemporary sex advice for women, the message
      was that you have to learn to like it, just like Linda.

      And then, in 1980, she revealed that she had learned to like and do
      things, not for money or pleasure, but because her very survival
      depended on it. In her autobiography, Ordeal, written under the name
      Linda Marchiano, she said that she had been an unwilling participant
      in the film and the subsequent publicity campaign, and that she was
      not the sex maniac she had been made out to be, and although the
      movie grossed millions, she had not seen a penny of it. Worse still,
      she had been beaten and humiliated by her first husband and manager,
      Chuck Traynor, who had forced her at the point of a gun to perform
      sexual acts - including her porn appearances, and prostitution.

      And so Linda was reborn, this time as the heroine of the growing
      anti-pornography movement. She went about the country talking to
      women's groups and giving evidence to congressional committees
      investigating pornography.

      But once again, all was not quite as simple as it seemed. Sadly, as
      with so many women in the sex industry, Linda was never really
      listened to. The world's first porn star was effectively hijacked by
      elements of the anti-porn movement. She ended up endorsing
      statements, books and films she didn't necessarily agree with;
      latterly her words were used and misrepresented by groups supposedly
      helping sex workers.

      Ordeal was held up by anti-pornography groups as a guide to the evils
      of the sex industry, and it appeared on the recommended reading lists
      of several UK and US anti-porn groups, where readers with little or
      no experience of the industry could learn what it was "really like"
      to be a porn star. The groups regularly quoted from the book, in
      debates, protest flyers, and even in academic texts, to show how her
      life was threatened to ensure her cooperation in Deep Throat.

      Katherine MacKinnon, Andrea Dworkin, and Diana Russell in particular
      used Linda's testimony to suggest that all women in porn could expect
      to be forced into prostitution or raped at gunpoint. This meant we
      did not get to hear about the women doing sex work who had
      experiences that were positive, or even mundane. All porn was bad,
      and here was Linda to prove it.

      Delighted by the fame of its new supporter, the anti-pornography
      lobby conveniently overlooked the fact that Linda's testimony was one
      of a battered wife, not a critique of the sex industry. Linda was
      encouraged to campaign against porn, but most of her problems were to
      do with an abusive partner. It is worth noting that while the abuse
      Linda suffered was horrific, in Ordeal she notes that the only time
      she was treated respectfully and professionally was when she was
      making Deep Throat. It was outside of this setting that her then
      husband abused and harmed her.

      Those in the porn industry chose to overlook this as any negative
      publicity detracted from Lovelace the sex star, and so they are on
      some level culpable. But that doesn't excuse the claims of the
      anti-porn camp that the negative experiences Linda suffered were
      solely due to the sex industry, rather than an abusive husband.

      Of course there is more to Linda - who was born Linda Boreman - than
      these twin roles of nympho and victim, and the fact that she was used
      and abused by both the porn industry and the anti-porn industry. So
      often those who work with sex workers hear them talking about the
      fact that being a sex worker is only a part of what they do; cliched
      as it may sound, they are also mothers, sisters, lovers, housewives,
      or whatever it may be. Well, it was true of Linda too. When she died
      on Monday, aged just 53, from injuries sustained in a road accident,
      she left behind two children and her second husband, Larry Marchiano.

      They divorced five years ago, after 22 years of marriage, but were
      still "the best of friends", and he and the children, now both
      adults, were there when she was taken off her life support machine.
      "Everyone might know her as something else, but we knew her as mom
      and as Linda," said Larry.

      Despite her notoriety, and despite being dogged by ill-health from
      dodgy breast implants and a tainted blood transfusion (which led to
      hepatitis and then chronic liver problems), Linda had put together
      some semblance of a normal life.

      So how should we remember her? Linda brought porn out into the open,
      where everyone could get a good look at it. Without her we wouldn't
      know what we know today about the sex industry, and although she may
      not have approved, her appearance in and criticisms of porn have led
      to women making porn by and for each other, in improved working
      conditions (the most famous is Candida Royalle, who is currently
      celebrating 10 years of making erotic movies for women).

      There is so much to say about Linda, but we should remember her for
      her two most radical actions. First, she wrote a compelling book
      about spousal abuse at a time when people were not paying attention
      to domestic violence. And second, she was a survivor - a woman who
      escaped an abusive marriage, who coped with the emotional and
      physical scars it left, who managed to form a happy relationship and
      raise a family, and coped with serious health problems.

      And we should remember Linda in her own voice. In 1997 she said: "I
      look in the mirror and I look the happiest I've ever looked in my
      entire life. I'm not ashamed of my past or sad about it. And what
      people might think of me, well, that's not real. I look in the mirror
      and I know that I've survived."


      Wikipedia: Linda Susan Boreman (January 10, 1949 Bronx - April 22,
      2002), better known by her stage name Linda Lovelace, became famous
      after starring in the 1972 hardcore porn film Deep Throat. She later
      became a spokeswoman for the anti-pornography movement. Deep Throat
      was notable for beginning a brief fad of porn chic; it was also the
      inspiration for Bob Woodward's name of his secret Watergate source,
      W. Mark Felt. Boreman later stated that she regretted her
      pornographic career and was coerced into pornography by her
      then-husband, Chuck Traynor. Although she later became an advocate
      against pornography, Boreman is still famous for her depictions of
      deep throat fellatio. While she continued to use the Lovelace name in
      books and for other commercial purposes, she stated that she
      generally preferred to be called Linda Boreman.

      Boreman was born in The Bronx to Roman Catholic parents and Boreman
      attended Catholic schools, including St. John the Baptist in Yonkers,
      New York, and Maria Regina High School in Hartsdale, New York. In
      school, she was nicknamed "Miss Holy Holy" because she kept her dates
      at a safe distance. When Boreman was 16, the family moved to Florida.
      In her autobiography "Ordeal" (1980), she stated that she gave birth
      to a son when she was 20 years old in 1969, and that her mother put
      him up for adoption. Boreman said she believed that the child was
      being put in foster care until she was ready to care for him, and was
      heartbroken when she learned she would never see him again. Boreman
      moved to New York to start a new life in 1970. While there, she was
      involved in a violent car crash forcing her to undergo a blood
      transfusion. She moved back to Florida to recover.

      While in Florida, recovering at her parents' place, Boreman became
      involved with Chuck Traynor. According to Boreman, Traynor was a
      violent and controlling man. Boreman said he forced her to move to
      New York, where he became her manager, pimp, and husband. Boreman was
      soon the star in a number of hardcore "stag" short features,
      including a bestiality film in 1971 called Dog Fucker or Dogarama.
      She later denied doing this, only to have several of the 8¬Ýmm
      "loops" become available to prove otherwise. In 1972, Boreman starred
      in Deep Throat, perhaps the most financially successful pornographic
      movie in history. In Deep Throat all her pubic hair was shaved off
      and she engaged in anal sex - neither was common in pornographic
      films of the early-1970s. After the success of Deep Throat Boreman
      appeared in only two subsequent films, including an R-rated sequel to
      Deep Throat entitled Deep Throat Part II which flopped (she
      maintained in her book Ordeal that her later porn films used leftover
      footage from Deep Throat). She also appeared in Playboy, Bachelor,
      and Esquire between 1973 and 1974. Boreman attempted to break into
      stage and mainstream films but found it difficult to overcome the
      stigma of her pornographic career.

      In January 1974, Boreman was arrested for possession of cocaine and
      amphetamines. Also that year, Boreman published two pro-pornography
      biographies. In her later suit to divorce Traynor, she claimed that
      Traynor had forced her into pornography at gunpoint and that in Deep
      Throat itself, bruises from his beatings can be seen on her legs.
      Traynor would go on to marry and guide the career of Marilyn
      Chambers, another major porn star. Boreman claimed in her 1980
      autobiography Ordeal that the couple's relationship was plagued by
      violence, rape, forced prostitution and private pornography. Some of
      the assertions made in her book have been challenged, but others have
      been verified by witnesses. Marilyn Chambers was Chuck Traynor's
      protegee after Boreman, and Traynor himself told Vanity Fair magazine
      (Marilyn Chambers' interview, with Chambers on the cover) that he
      thought nothing of slapping his woman if she said something he did
      not like. Linda stated that:
      When in response to his suggestions I let him know I would not become
      involved in prostitution in any way and told him I intended to leave,
      [Traynor] beat me up physically and the constant mental abuse began.
      I literally became a prisoner, I was not allowed out his sight, not
      even to use the bathroom, where he watched me through a hole in the
      door. He slept on top of me at night, he listened to my telephone
      calls with a .45 automatic eight shot pointed at me. I was beaten
      physically and suffered mental abuse each and every day thereafter.
      He undermined my ties with other people and forced me to marry him on
      advice from his lawyer. My initiation into prostitution was a gang
      rape by five men, arranged by Mr. Traynor. It was the turning point
      in my life. He threatened to shoot me with the pistol if I didn't go
      through with it. I had never experienced anal sex before and it
      ripped me apart. They treated me like an inflatable plastic doll,
      picking me up and moving me here and there. They spread my legs this
      way and that, shoving their things at me and into me, they were
      playing musical chairs with parts of my body. I have never been so
      frightened and disgraced and humiliated in my life. I felt like
      garbage. I engaged in sex acts for pornography against my will to
      avoid being killed...The lives of my family were threatened. [This
      quotation is copied from Catharine A. MacKinnon, Are Women Human (The
      Belknap Press of Harvard University Press: Cambridge, MA 2006).

      Š A Deep Throat staff member who roomed next door to Boreman and
      Traynor during the filming of Deep Throat said that Traynor beat
      Boreman viciously after hours and sexually tortured her into obeying
      him in public. Š Adult film actress Gloria Leonard is quoted as
      saying about Boreman, "This was a woman who never took responsibility
      for her own [...] choices - but instead blamed everything that
      happened to her in her life on porn." Š Boreman maintained that she
      received no money for appearing in Deep Throat, and that the $1,250
      for her appearance was taken by Traynor. In 1979 Boreman retained
      Victor Yannacone, a controversial attorney more frequently associated
      with environmental lawsuits, to sue for a portion of the several
      hundred million dollars the film had earned. The suit was dismissed
      without trial by the Nassau County Supreme Court in Mineola, New York
      and was never appealed. In 1974, Boreman married Larry Marchiano and
      they had two children, Dominic in 1977 and Lindsey in 1980. In The
      Other Hollywood, Boreman painted an unflattering portrait of
      Marchiano, claiming that he drank to excess, verbally abused her
      children, and was violent with her. The couple divorced in 1996. With
      the publication of Ordeal in 1980, Boreman joined the feminist
      anti-pornography movement. At a press conference announcing Ordeal,
      she leveled many accusations against Traynor in public for the first
      time. She was joined by supporters Andrea Dworkin, Catharine
      MacKinnon, Gloria Steinem, and members of Women Against Pornography.
      She spoke out against pornography, stating that she had been abused
      and coerced. She spoke before feminist groups, at colleges, and
      before government hearings on pornography.

      There was controversy over her allegations, and her objections to the
      pornography industry as a whole. Pornographer and writer Hart
      Williams coined the term "Linda Syndrome’" to refer to women who
      leave pornography and repudiate their past career by condemning the
      industry. In 1986, Boreman published Out of Bondage, another memoir
      focusing on her life after 1974. She testified before the 1986
      Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in New York City,
      stating that ’ÄúWhen you see the movie Deep Throat, you are watching
      me being raped." Š In The Other Hollywood, Boreman said she felt
      "used" by the anti-pornography movement. "Between Andrea Dworkin and
      Kitty MacKinnon, they've written so many books, and they mention my
      name and all that, but financially they've never helped me out. They
      made a few bucks off me, just like everybody else." Boreman
      contracted hepatitis from the blood transfusion in 1970 as a result
      of the car accident. In 1987, this required her to undergo a liver
      transplant.[6] In 1996, Boreman divorced Larry Marchiano. In 2000,
      she was featured on the E! Entertainment Network's E! True Hollywood
      Story. In 2001, Boreman did a pictorial, as Linda Lovelace, for the
      magazine Leg Show. She contended that she did not object to this
      because "there's nothing wrong with looking sexy as long as it's done
      with taste." Subsequently, Hustler named her the "Asshole of the
      Month" for March 2001.

      On April 3, 2002, Boreman lost control of her car, which rolled
      twice. She suffered massive trauma and internal injuries. On April
      22, 2002 she was taken off life support and died in Denver, Colorado,
      aged 53.

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      Dina Appeldoornstraat 11-3
      1076 AX Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      with profiles, yodeling, john cage, allen ginsberg, beer mysticism,
      reviews, playlists, fiction, links

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