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yellow6 news Feb 08

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  • Jon Attwood
    Hi I hope you are having a good 2008 so far. If you are, Y6 is about to make it even better... if not, don t worry help is at hand. Clinically proven to aid
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2008

      I hope you are having a good 2008 so far.

      If you are, Y6 is about to make it even better... if not, don't worry help
      is at hand. Clinically proven to aid relaxation, Yellow6 is back with a new

      So, it is called "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow" and is a double CD of
      recordings made in Stockholm in late 2007. Quite minimal in some ways, not
      in others.
      The album is currently being manufactured and will be available in the shops
      in April 2008, but direct from Yellow6 and Make Mine Music as soon as copies
      are back from the plant.

      Disc 1 is 6 long tracks, each over 10 minutes... Disc 2 is the shorter ones,
      tho not by a lot. A few tasters will be available on the MySpace page any
      day now (maybe even tonight). More info will appear on the website along
      with sleeve art etc. in the next week or so. An edited track will appear on
      the next Wire Tapper cover mount cd.

      Any promo requests, please email me...

      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

      Aside from that, for those in or around London over Easter, Yellow6 are
      playing the Distant Noise RoTa gig on Saturday 22nd March at Notting Hill
      Arts Centre, Notting Hill Gate. Also playing are Televise, Winterlight and
      Luga. Free entry and it's on from 4-8 pm... time for lunch before and
      dinner after.

      Following on from this (a while later), Distant Noise will be releasing a 5
      track 40 minute cdr by Yellow6 titled "STHLM" in their 12 cdr series, one
      per month for the year... mine is #6 of course (June) and is more of the
      material recorded in the highly productive time in Sweden.

      -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

      last but by no means least, some other projects:

      iamstringsthatrembleunderabow - my collaboration with Dirk Serries which
      will be released on vinyl by Equation in the summer. check the MySpace page

      Council Flat (collaboration with Charles Wyatt) will be recording an album
      at some point which is destined for release by Music Fellowship at some
      future time.

      I have also joined the Crippled Black Phoenix family... although
      unfortunately I won't be playing on their European tour in April, I hope to
      get to play live with them later in the year, and have recorded a few
      smatterings of guitar for their forthcoming (and totally excellent) double
      CD to be released by Invada in a few months.

      more soon, in the meantime, happy spring


      - y e l l o w 6 -
      <http://www.yellow6.com/> www.yellow6.com

      - make mine music -
      www.makeminemusic.co.uk <http://www.makeminemusic.co.uk/>

      - MySpace -



      Council Flat:

      Crippled Black Phoenix:

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