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crouton newspaper: january 2008

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CROUTON NEWSPAPER: JANUARY 2008 Wednesday Edition: January 2, 2008 www.croutonmusic.com
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      Wednesday Edition: January 2, 2008


      Greetings. Thanks to everyone who's read,
      listened, looked, touched, and supported our
      efforts this past year. This connection has been
      an important part of my life for the past 10
      years, and I only hope it's been enjoyable for
      you as well. This wouldn't be here without you.
      - Jon Mueller


      Building Improvisation

      Instrument builder and improvisor Hal Rammel
      submits an insightful essay on some of his
      creations and how they have gone on to affect
      his work as an improvisor.

      Other entries in the Read section include Andrew
      McKenzie, Jon Mueller, and Adam Sonderberg.


      Osso Exótico Meet Z'EV,
      Z'EV Meet Osso Exótico

      What happens when two legends meet each
      other and hit "record?" I was just as excited
      to find out myself. After years of seeking out
      recordings by Portugal's Osso Exótico, and
      listening carefully to the cacaphony of Z'EV
      for even longer, I could hardly contain myself
      to hear this pairing.
      And here it is:


      Guitarist David Daniell in Milwaukee

      After having my entire body affected by the
      overwhelming sound of one of his recent
      Chicago shows, I can't begin to express how
      excited I am to announce his concert in
      Milwaukee. For those of you in the vicinity,
      you mustn't miss this:


      Limited Edition Download?

      Seems appropriate. We've launched a new
      series of limited-time audio downloads called
      the ON MUSIC SERIES. The first installment
      features a live recording of Nom Tom during
      their concert in Paris. Full details here:


      Nodes and Anti-Nodes

      Vibrating material through the lenses of
      Jeph Jerman and Jon Mueller. Both micro
      and macroscopic, the relationship between
      sound and movement is explored on a number
      of levels here:


      Telling Stories

      After many years of being out-of-print, I've
      posted this short story from 1999 that originally
      accompanied the Telecognac "flor" release.
      Read it here:

      Other entries in the Read section include Andrew
      McKenzie, Hal Rammel, and Adam Sonderberg.


      Fine Art

      Keith Utech, Dan Grzeca, and Nick Butcher
      have produced some fine pieces for our past
      events (Daniel Menche, Peter Brotzmann,
      and Konk Pack). These limited edition prints
      are now available in our shop:

      Also, speaking of fine art, thanks to Thomas
      Wincek for helping us achieve the best designed
      label site (as of today, at least):


      PO Box 070352
      Milwaukee, WI 53207

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