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New BPA CD "Ausfegen" Dedicated to Joseph Beuys

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  • damon
    Balance Point Acoustics is proud to announce the release of BPA012, Ausfegen: Dedicated to Joseph Beuys. The cd features an exciting new quartet of musicians
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2007
      Balance Point Acoustics is proud to announce the release of BPA012,
      Ausfegen: Dedicated to Joseph Beuys. The cd features an exciting
      new quartet of musicians from both the Chicago and San Francisco Bay
      Area improvisation communities:

      Paul Hartsaw (Chicago) – soprano and tenor saxophones
      Kristian Aspelin (Bay Area) – guitar, broom
      Damon Smith (Bay Area) – double basses
      Jerome Bryerton (Chicago) – percussion

      Included with the cd are insightful liner notes by Joe Morris. Below
      is an excerpt from Mr. Morris’s notes:

      “When the world catches up, it will find that there are just as many
      future-seeking musicians now as there ever were. The amount of soul
      needed to persevere with new ideas and with the goal of suggesting a
      new viewpoint is the same as it ever was, and is present on this

      Also included are liner notes from Damon Smith. As Damon explains in
      his notes, the title for this cd came about toward the end of the
      recording session when he felt a different approach was needed for
      the last piece. Seeking more distance from the instruments, he
      immediately thought of Joseph Beuys and his performance/vitrine
      “Ausfegen.” He subsequently asked Kristian to play this guitar with
      a broom, while Damon played two prepared double basses. The result
      is track #7 on the cd and the inspiration for the title/theme of the
      cd as a whole.

      Ausfegen is Available on cd by paypal from:
      and for download at emusic:

      Or Check or MO made out to "Damon Smith" $15 pp
      Damon Smith
      Balance Point Acoustics
      339 41st St. Apt. A
      Oakland, CA 94609


      Paul Hartsaw

      Since moving to Chicago in 2000, Paul Hartsaw (1973) has performed
      and collaborated with such standouts as Bill Brimfield, Jim Baker,
      Frank Rosaly, Tim Daisy, Jerome Bryerton, Kyle Bruckmann, Nathaniel
      Braddock, Anton Hatwich, Keefe Jackson, Karl E.H. Seigfried, Jeb
      Bishop, Dave Rempis and Mike Reed, both as a sideman and leader.

      Paul’s main focus is in organizing the improvising ensemble Desiring-
      Machines (1997–Present), and leading the Paul Hartsaw Trio/Quartet
      (2002-Present) as well as composing for various large ensembles
      including the Tentet and the Socio-Cybernetic Music Machine.

      Associations include the Astral-Terra Trapeze Unit led by Kurt Hill
      Iselt, Keefe Jackson’s Project Project, Scott Rosenberg’s Creative
      Orchestra and Big Band, and Vytis Navinskas’ Baltic Asteroids, a
      Lithuanian/American jazz collective.

      Kristian Aspelin

      Using an unadorned, pure sound as his template, Kristian’s goal is to
      rigorously explore and extract from his instrument the melodies,
      rhythms, harmonies, and/or textures needed to express or complement a
      given moment in the context of improvisation.

      Kristian has studied with a number of leading improvisers in various
      genres, including Joe Morris, Steve Lantner, Gerald Cleaver, Larry
      Ochs, Liberty Ellman, David Fiuczynski, and John Schott. He has
      performed and/or recorded with artists such as Damon Smith, Kyle
      Bruckmann, Joe Morris, Scott R. Looney, Weasel Walter, Jerome
      Bryerton, Paul Hartsaw, Marco Eneidi, Biggi Vinkeloe, Ralph Carney,
      Henry Kaiser, Moe! Staiano, Donald Robinson, and Phillip Greenlief.

      Damon Smith

      Double bass player Damon Smith studied both classical and jazz bass
      with Lisle Ellis, Bertram Turezky, Joëlle Leandré, John Lindberg,
      Mark Dresser, and others. He has also done considerable research of
      the ´sonic palette´ of the double bass. This has resulted in a
      personal, flexible improvisational language based in the American
      jazz avant-garde movement and European non-idiomatic free
      improvisation. He is also very influenced by visual art, film, and
      dance. Work with director Werner Herzog and an early performance
      with the Merce Cunningham dance company reflect this. He has
      collaboratted with a wide range of musicians, including Cecil Taylor,
      Marshall Allen (of Sun Ra´s Arkestra), Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith,
      Wadada Leo Smith, Marco Eneidi, Wolfgang Fuchs, Peter Brötzmann, and
      Peter Kowald. He works often in the Bay Area Creative Music Community.

      Jerome Bryerton

      Jerome Bryerton’s work involves the use of textures, rhythms, and
      gestures derived from Eastern and Western percussionists (Paul
      Lytton, Elvin Jones, and Le Quan Ninh). Visual artists and post-
      modern writers are added to the equation; particularly influential
      are concepts from visual artists Gerhard Richter and Joseph Beuys.
      Equally important are the philosophies, phrasing, and structures of
      writers Jean Baudrillard and Philip K. Dick: exposing the hyper-real.

      Damon Smith

      New Solo Project:
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